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May 13th, 2020 1:05 PM

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus pandemic has mentally afflicted a wide spectrum of personalities whether they be gregarious or withdrawn by nature, here in America and throughout the world. While this is true, I'm deeply saddened by the trying circumstances that has created a mountain of anxiousness, stress and unfortunate loss of integrity of individuals, in their reaction to the circumstances the world is suffering today. Nevertheless, the magnanimous amount of compassion by those that require assistance from family, friends, neighbors, strangers and medical personnel on the front line and law abiding authorities, truly reflects the spirit of camaraderie that has made America a beacon of hope in times of crisis.

As an optimist, I'm distressed the Coronavirus has stimulated contempt for human rights and religious liberty in states that are intentionally prolonging their lockdowns by Governors or Mayors that have discarded their appreciation and respect for liberty and freedom. Throughout American history many brave souls lost their lives on the battlefield so we can live without oppression. Many citizens are protesting the arbitrary proclamations by those in power that has created the circumstances this nation has fought to overcome.

 Concurrently, the free market system is in danger by entities promoting Socialist or Communist principles. An example would be the promotion of Universal Basic Income by liberal and/or leftist supporters that would bankrupt this nation. Moreover, the inability to leave your home to visit a friend or a family member across town - the prohibition of dining at your favorite restaurant - patronizing a barber shop or beauty salon - the inability to attend church services - are just a few patterns of government intrusion that has created a tremendous sense of consternation and discord among Americans of all cultures and political persuasions. The Coronavirus has given leftist malcontents the opportunity to take advantage of those suffering from its affects, by their desire to 'transform' America from a Democratic Republic towards a Socialist nation.

As adults, we know what must be done to keep ourselves and our families safe from a pandemic. It was in 1918 when the Spanish Flu caused the deaths of millions. The world at that time was able to end the suffering by its concerted common sense approach to overcome the virus, in some respects similar to efforts utilized today. The eventual immunity from the virus, ended the outbreak the following year.

 We must be careful and plan our days by avoiding situations that have the chance of promoting an infection in ourselves and others. The practice of social distancing, wearing masks whenever it is required or recommended must be understood. Moreover, Americans must become familiar with the effects in the prevalence of the disease in its attacks on the elderly, the obese, those with hypertension and afflicted with diabetes among other health concerns.

The Mental Virus has afflicted the leftist political motivations of those that have the power to decide the destinies of its constituents. When establishments are closed, the pain of unemployment is a major obstacle in feeding one's family or providing shelter. When trillion dollar remedies are proposed to assist those in need without a strategy for the reopening of commerce, the Socialist method of economics will trigger a Depression.

America is learning. As a registered Independent voter, my sincere allegiance is for the maintenance of freedom in our lives. Simply said, the Democratic Party and the main street media, no longer believe in freedom as a concept for Americans to live by. My erstwhile opinion and humble recommendation for this nation, is to vote for a Republican or Independent candidate in any nationwide or local election - in order to live life to its fullest! God willing, the Coronavirus has given Americans the 'wake up call' and the wise divine counsel we need, in order to save our lives.

In a future post - The Mental Virus Continues - will outline sensible, rational solutions to save America from despotism.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on May 13th, 2020 1:05 PMPost a Comment

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