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August 18th, 2019 3:23 PM

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I was grocery shopping, and from a distance I viewed and heard this person talking to herself. Seconds later, this large bodied Caucasian middle aged bespectacled woman confronts me in the produce section, by pushing her right hand up against me as though she was about to punch me in the face! I backed up to defend myself and angrily asked "What's wrong with you?" She immediately went on a tirade and mentioned she was robbed of $2000 from a bag that she was carrying. This thief also took her walker that she needed and exclaimed that he was going to kill her! I was stunned to hear all of this, as I've noticed for a very long time, there is a prevalence of mental illness that is becoming a common place occurrence almost everywhere that I go in Los Angeles nowadays.

 This type of affliction continues. Just today before Church service, there was a woman laughing hysterically for a few minutes. She later composed herself but left during the homily and passed the table where the bread and wine are offered at Communion. She interrupted the Pastor and the parishioners by attempting to pour the wine from the cruet for her to drink. I'm not saying that I'm living in an insane asylum but when these unorthodox experiences continue to flare up, there's no wonder that I start contemplating on escaping from the disorders that have plagued Los Angeles, this State and other parts of the country. In jest, it might be the right time for me to contemplate a monastic life, far away from the maddening crowd! I wonder when I've heard this expression before!

While these events are disturbing, I have also noticed a dramatic increase in tattoos recently. I would surmise the tattoos are covering a good portion of one's bodies. I say this, as tattoos have been sculpted on faces and one's imagination can only explore the obvious. I would presume this attempt for beautification is in the eye of the beholder. In my quest to live an equitable life, I would theorize there is a past behavioral episode in one's life that has created the compelling acquisition of having a tattoo to disarm the personal mental conflicts of the past.

Notwithstanding, anyone that has a discerning and logical spirit will recognize a mental affliction surging in the main street media, cable channels, presidential candidates, a political party and anyone carrying leftist or socialist concepts that lack logical norms towards basic principals of common sense. I am not a Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst nor a Therapist but I have come to the sad and convincing conclusion that mental disorders and the preponderance in the inability of a society to utilize common sense, is an affliction that will destroy the sane and rational governance of a nation. Many Americans are aware of the radical disposition of leftist concepts that are gaining acceptance, by infiltrating the minds of those that have not experienced the pain and suffering that will ultimately occur in one's life. We have a generation of Americans eager to live life without the realization, understanding or the appreciation of the sacrifice that was undertaken for them to live in freedom.

The other day I mentioned to a friend that I needed a rest from speaking or listening about anything that is political in content. I requested his cooperation, as I began suffering from headaches anytime I heard any of the presidential candidates or anyone in Congress expound on proposals or opinions that will ultimately destroy our very lives. It seems as though that one's mental health can be harmed just by listening to those suffering from mental disorders in the leftist media, presidential candidates etc. To recognize that one of the candidates is suffering from dementia and not receiving medical advice, is truly regretful. I have recovered from such headaches, real or imagined, as my venting in this post has made it possible for me to end this torment.

All told, there is a mental affliction that has permeated America to such an extent, this nation must come to grips with a cure. The desecularization of this country can happen through the tremendous power of prayer, as it provides the emergence of wisdom in resolving the mental trauma that continues to plague its citizens. The ballot box also helps.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on August 18th, 2019 3:23 PMPost a Comment

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