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May 20th, 2020 5:23 PM

Dear Friends,

Just the other day I had a strong urge to leave my residence, as I was afflicted with a bout of 'cabin fever'. Here in Los Angeles where I live, the Mayor has imposed a lockdown for another 3 months. This man's orders to end the ability to provide sustenance for one's family by demolishing small businesses that provide the income for food and shelter, is a sign of oppression that is known full well in Socialist or Communist countries. We live in a free market system that allows liberty and freedom to prosper. When a city closes establishments that are deemed 'non essential', the interpretation of its status is ironic, as many of these business locations are 'essential' for economic survival. Any discerning adult, fully comprehends the effects the Coronavirus can have by its devastating grasp on one's individual health and those of others. Guidelines have been developed for safety, as it's recommended for one not to be in close contact while in public. These procedures can be implemented by allowing common sense to be observed. Unfortunately, this State and this City along with other locales and territories throughout the nation, have decided to micromanage the lives of law abiding citizens by its Draconian measures.

The Coronavirus has 'unmasked' the true identities and the motivations of individuals by their power of denigration across America. Let's discover how and why there are masks.

1. The pandemic has 'unmasked' the true characters of those professing their feigned concern for the welfare of their constituents either in a local or state level. There are Governors and Mayors that lack the wisdom required to be an elected public official. I do not like to generalize but it looks as though these authorities are members of the Democratic Party. It seems they have a disregard for private businesses and the suffering that has - and continues to occur - within families. It's a given the pandemic has taken the lives of many, however a common sense approach to develop safety protocols must never endanger one's liberty or freedom in the process.

We also have a discordant degree of dissent on a political level. Democrats in Congress approved a 3 Trillion Dollar Bill to reward leftist concepts and programs that are meant to extort the American people. Either sign this bill into law to transform this nation into a Socialist or Communist entity or Americans will not receive economic assistance to survive this maddening storm.

As an Independent 'swing voter' I offer the following advice. Vote for a Republican in the General Election or where you live, as the appreciation of liberty and freedom is recognized and understood by this political organization and their candidates.

2. It has been documented the previous Democratic administration 'unmasked'' an American citizen as he was communicating with a Russian government official. The content of his talks were under investigation to ascertain its characteristics. The facts of this 'unmasking' is being revealed and will be investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee in June. From what is known, it is assumed law enforcement agencies conspired with government officials to discredit a retired United States Army Lieutenant General and a former National Security Advisor for the current President. This man pled guilty under tremendous pressure, due to an extortion attempt by authorities to implicate or include his son in actions that would harm his entire family. The Department of Justice dropped the charges against him, as corruption infiltrated the case from the beginning. The man involved in this scenario is Michael Flynn.

It is my understanding to 'unmask' an individual under surveillance by law enforcement agencies, is to disclose any apparent communication or actions that are recognized as unlawful towards the US. The gathering of this information helps provides the intelligence required to protect Americans. When the information is given to the media by its disregard for a person's privacy, this action has consequences in the form of a crime - a felony. Therefore, it is the fiduciary responsibility of government authorities and the media to respect the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

These are just 2 examples of how a 'mask' has the capacity to change our lives. I also read the Coronavirus has strained relationships, as there is a rise in domestic violence and a revelation of one's true character among family, friends and neighbors. Sadness is also attributed to the pandemic, due to the financial stress and lockdowns that have affected one's mental faculties, as depression that evolves towards suicidal tendencies are genuine cries for help.

During this time in our lives, I sincerely recommend that we pray for this nation - as we are truly all in this together.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on May 20th, 2020 5:23 PMPost a Comment

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