March 1st, 2008 4:59 PM

Dear Friends,

Americans need cheering up!

The gloom and doom of our economy has made all of us sit up and notice! I know that I'll be drinking Green Beer with my good friends on St. Patricks' Day in a few weeks!

While the US economy has seen its better days, NOW is the time to evaluate your financial condition. Mortgage rates have been on a roller coaster as of late. The scourge of inflation with the decline of economic activity has elevated the probability of STAGFLATION!

The litany of bad news continues unabated.

1. Record foreclosures throughout the country.

2. Plummeting property values.

3. 'Credit Crunch' woes where mortgage money is hard to come by and where new, stringent underwriting guidelines are preventing established borrowers from refinancing an existing mortgage or purchasing a new home.

4. The chronic instability of the Stock Market with losses over 300 points in 1 day.

5. Mortgage Rate fluctuations due to the instability of the Bond Market.

6. The rise in unemployment throughout the country.

7. The value of the Dollar against the Euro has depreciated to its lowest level ever!

8. The rise in inflation this year has created havoc in the financial markets. $100 a barrel for oil, the higher cost of foodstuffs and other items has lowered consumer confidence.

There are additional shortcomings to our economy, however there's no need to pile on when all of these problems will eventually work itself out.

Please check our previous blogs where we discuss the 'silver lining' for JUMBO mortgage holders. We hope the new rise in Conforming Loan Limits to $729,750 will help to lower one's monthly mortgage payment.

Please check our "Luck Of The Irish Fee Sale". If you apply ONLINE, you can save at least $750 or more in loan fees. This 'Sale' ends on the 18th of March.

Please call our office for more details at 323-936-3232.


As a Cuban-American I am overjoyed at the resignation of Cuban President Fidel Castro and saddened of the continued loss of human values by the elevation of his brother, Raul Castro as the country's new President. Truly, many Cubans today continue to suffer at the hands of this repugnant regime which has killed numerous families and has destroyed the sense of hope and freedom we all hold dear.

Communism is a disturbing an immoral concept of political ideology that devalues the human condition. I pray for the day when true freedom conquers the hearts and minds of all Cubans.


I also must mention the passing of William F. Buckley. This man elevated the tenets of political discussion to a dimension unbeknownst by our current mediocre batch of politicians in either Party.

While his Conservative perspectives were anathema to those with differing views, his ability to employ esoteric verbiage in debates of political ideology is an illustration of poetic exercise in perfection.

If you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian, the thoughts and the ideas espoused by Mr. Buckley are alive today. His mind and intellect will be missed.

Thanks Again



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