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September 1st, 2013 9:37 PM

Dear Friends,

Americans are celebrating the fruits of their labor this weekend. Many of us are grateful for the ability to have a job, any job, that can help pay the bills, keep food on the table, provide a roof over one's head and the overall peace of mind we all desire. We are also reminded of the less fortunate. America continues to suffer from high unemployment, as many of our fellow citizens depend on food stamps to feed their families. Consequently, many are losing the battle in finding work to pay the utilities or the mortgage, which eventually leads to the loss of one's home through foreclosure.

In Los Angeles on any given day within a few miles of one's residence, you can see a dozen of the thousands of the city's homeless population, struggle to rise above their plight and do their best to maintain a sense of dignity in the process. They might live in their vehicles, sleep in parks, keep their belongings in supermarket carts, assemble stray bottles and cans for income while panhandling during the day. These activities are the requirements or responsibilities many here in Los Angeles and Americans throughout the country are forced or coerced to live by, in order to receive a day's wages  to survive. While the income of the homeless is truly not commensurate with any members of a law firm, a member of Congress or employees of a major corporation, it seems we all have our work to do.

Dr. King in Washington DC, 1963

I for one, am deeply saddened by the circumstances which has allowed this situation to continue as it destroys the fabric of a once proud nation, now in decline. The media ignores the obvious while both political parties lack solutions. Courage is rarely displayed among our own citizens while the downtrodden in our society loses hope for the future. Sometimes I wish we had personalities of great stature that could lift this nation from the abyss of hatred and deception. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind, as he was indeed a man of genuine integrity and had the awesome power of faith. Last week we honored Dr. King on the 50th Anniversary of his March on Washington. Unfortunately, there were those that spoke on this mighty occasion that lacked the 'content of character' in which Dr. King wished for all of us. 

As a humble servant, it is not my place to judge. It is only by the public actions and discourse of those willing to be recognized on a national level, that allows a discerning mind to ponder the effects and results of one's power. A half century has passed as race relations, the scourge of poverty and the effects of violence and one parent households have become permanent fixtures of affliction.

It is my understanding many of the participants invited to speak to those in attendance were multimillionaires. Material wealth is considered a valuable asset that can offer comfort during economic trials, similar to the financial challenges in America we are witnessing today. Certainly, the attainment of wealth through integrity driven hard work is a blessing indeed. This accomplishment can be viewed as an example for those requiring a boost of optimism to better their lot in life. However, for many, once wealth becomes a major factor in their lives or in the manner in which such wealth was earned, a change of attitude, views and personality begins to dominate their perception of others.

Ironically, the same speakers on this platform in 2013, hold onto beliefs diametrically opposed to views embraced by Dr. King in 1963. Dr. King would never have allowed citizens to be dependent on government for all of its needs, nor allow an influx of undocumented persons in the millions the ability to replace able bodied Americans in the workplace. His memory does not allow any politician the right to confiscate his ideals. The implication by those on the podium that Dr. King would approve of a health care system that promulgates abortion by the relinquishing of religious rights as a requisite for insurance coverage, such talk can only be considered an incongruous attempt to rewrite history.

Wisdom affords us the ability to open our eyes and view the landscape in front of us. The inability of our society to manifest a desire to heal, can only be viewed as a reflection of those unable to forgive. Perhaps my recent conversations with friends, acquaintances and past clients do not offer the lift I need, to believe these economic problems will ever be resolved soon. When we celebrate Labor Day next year, I pray there will be an improvement in the lives of those on the streets or living paycheck to paycheck. There's no need for such anxiety or suffering to continue. Contemplate the actions you know are right and just. The future of America is in your hands.

Thanks Again

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