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August 8th, 2014 12:17 AM

Dear Friends,

It was exactly 40 years ago today, the 37th President of the United States resigned in disgrace. Millions of Americans viewed the resignation speech live, delivered from the Oval Office at 9PM ET. It seemed as though the entire nation had a collective sigh of relief, as a peripatetic political adventure finally came to an abrupt end. This event so many years later, continues its historical significance as the first Chief Executive to ever resign from the Presidency.

The beginning of the end occurred in June of 1972 with the break-in of the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate.
This '3rd rate burglary' had a life of its own, as its effects steamrolled the powerful in Washington, as the entire nation became involved in an unfolding drama of political intrigue. The cast of characters in government and the press, was a menagerie of individuals chosen by fate to carry out their roles, reminiscent of a Shakespearean tragedy. The coverup of the burglary by the President, and the hush money offered to reward one's silence in the event of an investigation by the press or Congress, was just the tip of the iceberg. When 2 young Washington Post reporters were in pursuit of the facts by 'following the money' suggested by 'Deep Throat', an FBI informant, the entire scandalous operation was exposed time and time again. The stories related to the involvement of government aides in the coverup and the shocking admission of secret recordings made in the Oval Office and the testimony of the President's attorney with incrimination, were events of great distress and high anxiety.

In October of 1973 the President ordered the Attorney General to dismiss the Special Prosecutor, hired just a few months before, to investigate the activities surrounding the break-in at the Watergate. The Attorney General declined to do so and resigned. The President then ordered the Deputy Attorney General to dismiss the Special Prosecutor. The Deputy declined and later resigned. It was up to the Solicitor General to carry out the wishes of the President, and the Special Prosecutor was relieved of his duties.
These chain of events was an illustration of the tense climate in Washington during this period, and the dismissals became to be known as the 'Saturday Night Massacre'.
Months later when the 'smoking gun' was finally revealed through a tape recording, the coverup to hide the truth led to the resignation of the President.

At the very end, Americans finally have had enough. The electorate demanded the rule of law be enforced. The daily scorecard of a government in chaos and the avoidance of a Constitutional crisis at all costs, were the main concerns and thoughts of a nation in turmoil.
During this point in time, I was an undergraduate majoring in Political Science, and I remember these events as though they occurred only yesterday. To come across similar thoughts, observations and concerns in regards to profound government malfeasance 40 years later, is an occurrence I never knew would ever happen again.

The preponderance of what we know to be true by intuition, intelligence and experience in today's America, has a sharper more pronounced edge of tyranny, as the unraveling of a once cohesive society dissolves ever so rapidly.
This time around, the effects of a Constitutional crisis are severe, as the rule of law is no longer viewed as an anchor for our personal sovereignty or our beliefs in democratic principles. The scandals associated with this government and their emissaries in the media and big business are so numerous, Watergate looks to be a benign contrivance compared to the despair Americans are witnessing today. I am saddened by the forces that hate this nation, and are hellbent to divide and 'transform' their concept of liberty as a steppingstone towards anarchy.

What have we learned in 40 years or in the past 14, 7 or 5 1/2  years?
The timeline one chooses, reflects the events that affected you or your family the most. All of us can remember the good and bad moments of our lives, and correlate them with the circumstances or culture prevalent at the time. Americans like myself, have witnessed too much to take for granted the freedoms bestowed on us, by the sacrifice of those that have lost their lives. This is why we must recognize that our lives have profound value, and no entity or individual can dismiss our presence by executive orders designed to divide.

Forty years is a lifetime of hopes, dreams, trauma and trials that can only bring about a semblance of pragmatism and an evolution of one's character. The time we have to preserve this nation as conceived by the Framers for future generations is happening now. America's future at this critical juncture is in our hands. If you were an adult 40 years ago during Watergate, your experience and perceptions of this historical event, must have had a lasting impact. Listen closely to the resignation speech. The words of a beleaguered man in disgrace has tremendous weight.

Have 'the interests of the nation' been met during the recent past?
At that time, foreign policy initiatives to seek peaceful alternatives with other governments around the globe was a priority. The world during the early 1970's cannot be compared to the madness of terrorism we have today. While the Cold War with the Soviet Union continued, America's involvement in Vietnam was drawing to a close. There were also brief conflicts in Israel while the opening of China was considered a foreign policy success.
Today however, when despotic regimes perceive American weakness in its moral resolve to end tyranny or ineptitude, the consequences of this perception no longer leads to restraint. Hostilities throughout the Middle East or the active participation of Russia in their advancement of troops at the Ukraine border, are examples that can be viewed as a chess game calculated for advantage. When America decides to step back and relinquish its role on the world stage, the prospect of peaceful coexistence among nations is jeopardized. New and escalating conflicts, has made this world a dangerous place.
Domestically, the stakes for the preservation of liberty has arrived at our doorsteps. Americans must begin a conversation with loved ones, neighbors and acquaintances in an effort to recognize the instability of a republic losing its capability to sustain an onslaught of corruption from within. After 40 years of living American history, let's hope we have acquired a sense of discernment and the intellectual capacity to save this country, for our children and future generations.

We must ask ourselves, when will 'our long national nightmare' come to an end?
The answer is obvious.

Thanks Again

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