October 14th, 2018 6:18 PM

Dear Friends,

This country is going through a civil war in which a political party is advocating violence in their pursuit of power at all costs. When a disgraced Congresswoman from Los Angeles, a corrupt former Attorney General of the United States and when the dishonorable 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate among other discordant personalities mention there is cause to become uncivil towards anyone that has an opposing viewpoint, the unraveling of a republic has begun.

As an Independent, I view the most egregious attempts to intimidate anyone that is not a member of the Democratic Party as a provocation that requires a response - at the ballot box!

I for one seek peace, respect, logic and competency of all individuals in their attempts to influence the public. Unfortunately, Americans have been confronted by a powerful extreme leftist pressure group of past and current office holders and their supporters in their quest to destabilize the freedoms Americans inherited by decree in the Constitution. Any sane, intelligent American has had enough of the corrupt, outlandish displays of mental illness that associates these leftist attempts to invoke their madness on others. We also have a lust for power by 'establishment' government operatives to cause harm, by their concerted clandestine actions to destroy the duly elected 45th President's legitimate aspirations to govern effectively. The media has contributed to this hysteria, as they've forfeited their credibility and are no longer viewed with any semblance of trust or journalistic integrity.

With the activity that is happening before our very eyes, the Mid Term Elections are fast approaching. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for an organization that has contempt for the American people? When members of the current administration are evicted from dining at restaurants or when a gunman had the intention of killing Republican congressmen at a baseball practice or the censorship of conservative social media websites are discovered - the time has come to end the assault on all Americans. Notwithstanding, the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the revelations recently uncovered, have shown the 'incivility' this man and his family have suffered. The American people have not forgotten, and are deeply offended by the circumstances in destroying the substance of his character for political gain.

The danger America faces are profound. Do we allow leftist, socialist activists the power to damage this nation for their contempt of liberty, freedom, the rule of law and the rights espoused in the Constitution?  Your vote on November 6th will decide our future and those of our children. Be encouraged, as by all divine accounts, the 'Red Wave' is on its way!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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