June 27th, 2008 6:52 AM

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It is with deep sadness that America is suffering a daily deluge of incomprehensible events of major importance. The circumstances are noteworthy as these events in the US and throughout the globe resemble those of Biblical proportions. All over the world, vast populations have suffered debilitating effects of peculiar weather patterns. Typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought and earthquakes have become the norm. The effects of chronic famine, disease, war, crime and other destructive forces has garnered discussion and whispers of the end times. The fight of the ages between good and evil has become a prelude for the moral compass and the direction of our society. Whether it be America or the world, the fight for domination for a specific ideal is a challenge all of us must focus and embrace. 


The constant stream of depressing news from all angles has developed a deep inconsolable struggle in America's heartland.

The floods in the Midwest where many of our citizens have lost their homes & businesses due to the rising waters and broken levees is a source of concern. Such sights are similar to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in September 2005. We are now active eyewitnesses to the gradual disintegration of America's infrastructure of our bridges, freeways and commercial buildings.The peculiar weather during the past several months has also created a rash of tornadoes of heightened intensity and frequency in various parts of the country. The effects are cruel as lives are destroyed and towns become inhabitable. These residents are truly devastated and many don't know where to turn for help. Even in Northern California, there are more than 800 wildfires devastating the countryside. Everyone from the firemen to its townspeople are emotionally and physically exhausted from these tragic events.

The US economy has seen better days. With continued foreclosures, most property values are dropping dramatically, with no end in sight. In some areas, real estate assets are worth less than the mortgages secured to purchase them. Consumer confidence for the future is one of anxiousness.

The 'credit crunch' has made the process of applying for a mortgage loan or other types of credit a frustrating experience. Inflation has begun to set a foothold in our spending patterns. We've become overly frugral and recognize the ultimate value of the dollar, even though the US dollar is no longer worth as much as in years past. Being frugal is not a bad concept to have in one's life. However, we are in need of consumers to spend money in order to turn this economy around. This recommendation is easier said then done. For this to happen, there are numerous hurdles the US economy must overcome in order for us to get out of this mess. The outlook is grim.

Foreclosures have brought havoc and a sense of despair to many families. Entire neighborhoods are devalued and are desolate due to the abandonment of these properties. Where do families move once their displaced? Where do older Americans go to live? Homelessness is a sad and truly devastating consequence we as a country must begin to recognize as a direct result of misplaced priorities. 

Other economic factors 'fueling' the steady plight of its population is the increasing joblessness in California and other regions of the country. Families are struggling to feed their children as a direct result of higher food prices.

The precipitous drop in the stock market of 360 points yesterday, was due to the events transpiring in the futures markets and the economy in general. The machinations of speculators driving up the cost of oil to almost $140 a barrel is a main contributing factor to the spiraling events we've been forced to become accustomed to in such a short period of time. The high cost of energy is 'fueling' the panic and there are no signs of activity ending any time soon. The President of OPEC mentioned yesterday a barrel of oil can conceivably sell for $170 a gallon later this year! Such musings can send the stock market skidding south on a more sustained path while Americans begin to grapple with $5 to $6 a gallon for gas! Our economy could not handle this event. Can a Depression be in the offering?

There are solutions for all of these problems. I will do my best to provide logical answers to the crisis America is facing, the psychology of those seeking to benefit from such strife and the destiny these events has created in our daily lives. These are tough times and tough people wiill persevere. Please check our TEAMBLOG posting on Friday, July 11th.


Our office will be closed on Thursday, July 3rd at 12 Noon and reopen on Monday July 7th at 12 Noon for the Independence Day Holiday. Our office wishes you a Happy 4th Of July with your family & friends!

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