September 17th, 2019 4:47 PM

Dear Friends,

You may have heard about a book in which Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was involved in an abusive sexual contrivance at a party as an undergraduate. This book neglected to mention the individual who was purported to be the 'victim', has no recollection whatsoever of the circumstance involved. An eyewitness has come forward, however his incredulous account of the situation is under scrutiny, due to a political affiliation and ideology that runs counter to Justice Kavanaugh's beliefs.

Last weekend the American people were confronted once again with an unrelenting method of destruction by powerful evil forces in the media and by leftist, socialist members of the Democratic Party among other entities. The presumed events that occurred many years ago were presented to the FBI in their investigation last year during the Senate confirmation hearings. The FBI did not find any credible occurrence of indecency and advised the Committee with their findings. Unfortunately, this book provides a continued approach to destroy Justice Kavanaugh's reputation. Notwithstanding, the Satanic attack on his family, friends and supporters has become a dangerous assault on one's human dignity.

The continued manifestation of evil in this country is a cause for one to be alarmed, as one's Freedom of Speech has been infringed by the cruel obsession in dismantling the First Amendment to the Constitution. When a vicious and degenerate approach to demolish Justice Kavanaugh's character is never ending, the manipulation and intimidation of law abiding American citizens with conservative discerning views, will become the next step towards this country's perdition.

I am not a clairvoyant nor a member of an association that does not allow independent thought. People that know me well, fully understand my predilections for the attainment of justice in all circumstances. It is my humble opinion that Justice Kavanaugh will not change his convictions in fulfilling obligations and responsibilities to interpret the Constitution as conceived. Manipulation or intimidation by wicked voices, will never be successful in converting his views towards a deconstructive subversive interpretation of the Constitution. Justice Kavanaugh has many years to fulfill his role on the Supreme Court. The American people and historians will recognize his decisions as humane and substantial. By all accounts in the near future and after he is called Home, the American people of advanced generations will proclaim his esteemed presence. He will be referred to, as


 a man of honor and distinction.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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