May 24th, 2019 7:19 AM

Dear Friends,

On Monday, May 27th, America remembers the sacrifice of those in the armed forces that lost their lives in conflict, so we can continue to be blessed by living in freedom. Memorial Day is a special day when all discerning Americans without reluctance, will spend a few moments in solitude for those we commemorate on this day. Many of us truly appreciate the vast love of one's country by the heroic efforts to overcome despotic oppression, by brave men and women throughout history.

America continues to be recognized as a nation formed with an imbedded responsibility to assist others, in order to live a life worthy of substance and ultimate spiritual fulfillment. This country has had its trials and tribulations since its Independence from Great Britain. A Civil War to end slavery, the assassination of several Presidents by disgruntled subversives, the acceptance of basic human rights during the 1960's, the participation in 2 World Wars along with the Korean and Vietnam conflicts to end the Domino effect of Communism, while a Cold War with the Soviet Union since the end of the 2nd World War dominated this nation's foreign policy. America's involvement in Iraq was also viewed as an opportunity to end the threat of biological and weapons of mass destruction. The 9/11 tragedy has had a profound effect on how this nation perceives the world, in which evil permeates its hatred without conscience.

It is a sad testament however, that America is under attack within its own borders by surmounting attempts by powerful leftist activists to undue the liberties and freedoms espoused in the Constitution. When Socialist beliefs for governance of this great nation is gaining acceptance - or the surge in the approval of infanticide as a method to end human life - or the revelation of a coup to depose a duly elected President by a 'deep state' corrupt law enforcement hierarchy - America was not founded - nor have the brave souls that lost their lives - fought for these discordant actions which only leads towards perdition. Fortunately, the truth will be revealed once the declassification of government intelligence related to the alleged spying of the 2016 Republican Presidential campaign, is made public.

Granted, America continues to have its internal challenges. Nevertheless, this nation persists in assisting millions around the world by promoting democratic ideals. This genuine aspiration also provides the security and the compassion to lift the human condition by monetary contributions of clothing, medicine, foodstuffs and other commodities.

 America is the great country that is respected for its Judeo-Christian values which incorporates the quest for one's liberty and freedom around the world. On this Memorial Day, we are reminded of those that gave their lives which allows us the opportunity, to live in peace.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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