January 13th, 2017 4:40 PM

Dear Friends,
From a distance, when we contemplate the direction of our lives, we truly strive for its meaning and seek a purpose for our existence. The motivation we acquire over time or is imbedded in our character, will raise the consciousness of our souls as a beacon, so others can recognize one's value by the magnanimous attempts to assist others in a world that has various degrees of evil influences.
I'm just one person in a sea of billions. Fortunately I've recognized several of the multitude of forces that continue to embark on a a path to destroy honorable facets of the human condition, while allowing fear and anguish to proliferate.
Anyone that has a modicum of discernment in regards to human nature after years of numerous encounters, will notice there are powerful manifestations of opinion that derives their thought processes from past interactions devoid of inspiration, sincerity and the truth. Americans and the entire world for that matter, are deluged with dishonest, ill-tempered individuals that are compelled to distribute delusion among all sectors of civilization.
There are battles of good against evil to be fought, while the search for peace can only be secured by the convictions of individuals that appreciate the truth in all its definable aspects.
This is the year when many of us will witness the motivations of powerful interests in their pursuit of malevolent interactions with unsuspecting, naive or disillusioned members of society.
 Keep this revelation in the back of your mind, when the day's headlines are written to evoke shock and disturbance by disparaging one's ability to reason or the ability to place a contrived divergence in perspective.

It might be a struggle to find the calming faces in the crowd, but they are known by their friends and acquaintances for their genuine and authentic acts of kindness without any strings attached.
Last year there were profound disclosures that created divisions and disturbances.
Never be discouraged, as we are in an era when revelations of all kinds will continue to shake the ground we walk on. From this earthquake, you will 'then know the truth and the truth will set you free'.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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