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July 8th, 2019 4:24 PM

Dear Friends,

Everything that can happen in California continues to happen with a force and frenzy one can only experience when the earth shakes. Once the shaking action ends, where does someone find relief in a State that has a chronic capacity for disorder? While living in California was a satisfying dream to enjoy the sun, the beaches, the beautiful surroundings, the Hollywood mystique of fame and fortune, the freedom of movement and the bikinis, this compilation is no longer a valid or uplifting account for one's sustenance, as the quality of life has deteriorated dramatically.

While no one lost their life as a result of the earthquakes that have plagued Southern California last week, I and many others remember the 1994 Northridge earthquake that devastated the area, by the destruction of numerous properties and the death of 57 residents. Moreover, in November of last year, the Camp Fire in Northern California was deemed the most destructive wildfire in California history. The town of Paradise succumbed to the powerful surge of a blaze that totally wiped out the town. This fire created the death of 85 civilians in its aftermath.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a spiritual component to the continual tribulation that has occurred in California, unwittingly caused by the secular psyche of its inhabitants, specifically in the governance of this State by Socialists. California is now considered a Sanctuary State where crime is no longer viewed as reprehensible, while the rule of law has completely lost its original concept. The massive influx of individuals traveling from the Southern border illegally, has decimated detention centers and has generated a crisis that is unsustainable.

California has other systemic problems, as the method to solve its challenges is to enforce taxes that rarely provides an intelligent solution. Whether these forms of enumeration are property or State income taxes, gas has also become a commodity that continues its price increase.

Notwithstanding, I can go on with the homelessness that has taken its toll, along with real estate values that have gone through the roof! This situation does not allow young families the ability to purchase a home nor the working class the opportunity to find and live in affordable housing as rents have increased exponentially. Drug addiction and mental health disorders contribute to homelessness. Unfortunately, there are no active or intelligent solutions. This is due to the ineptitude of State and local government authorities allocation of monies towards programs that lack importance

We also have a situation where the State legislature is considering imposing its interpretation of theology in a Catholic religious matter. The sanctity of a confession can be abrogated, and a Priest can be arrested if the subject matter of child abuse was not reported to the authorities. Child abuse is a shocking and contemptible crime. However, one's confession is directed to God in asking for His forgiveness and guidance to overcome this offensive cruelty towards a child. Under the Constitution, Americans have the right of religious liberty. The imposition of government in religion is not acceptable.

These are just a few of the non-stop problems that continues to hamper California. This is why a good number of Californians are leaving the State. Eventually I will be 'escaping' Los Angeles at a predetermined time in the near future. If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog, you will know that I was born in Cuba and 'escaped' the Communist island in 1962 with my brothers. There will be a time that I will also 'escape' California, as I have no desire to live in a society that resembles the country that I left 57 years ago and continues its repression to this day.

It saddens me greatly the 'Big' earthquake will be forthcoming. Our Lord knows when the devastation will occur. There are oppressive practices or regulations approved by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor over the years that have become law  It is ironic that due to the actions of State Government - not the current earthquakes -  a percentage of its residents have left for friendlier and safer regions of the country - and many lives have been saved as a result.

 God does indeed, work in mysterious ways.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Bishop Robert Barron - California Attack On Confessions


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