November 14th, 2008 6:56 AM

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Above you will see the main architects, the drafters of the Declaration Of Independence in 1776. Just 10 days ago, 232 years later, Americans have cast their ballots in the General Election. Since the outcome, the American electorate has been involved in an exercise worthy of a bipolar disorder. We all know one's life is not meant to be lived in this manner.

While we now have a President-Elect, many Americans still remain undecided, weary or cautious of whom to place their trust in order to solve the numerous problems facing this country.

Not one man can solve these pressing and surmounting financial challenges. Unfortunately, Americans during the political campaign were provided with rhetorical flourishes of equanimity which gave hope and promise for a future similar to ones promised in the past. This approach provided unsuspecting citizens comfort in a sea of conscious denial.

In reviewing the statistics provided to the public in regards to the General Election, there are many citizens unaware of the basic principles in which this country was founded. There is a lack of basic understanding of American history and democratic concepts.

It is disconcerting to know, there are Americans that no longer view the Constitution with high esteem and by so doing they've decided to shun the magnificent history of its personalities as a guide to the spirit and greatness inherent in their sacrifices and triumphs. There has been a lack of intelligent, reasoned and intellectual discussion of our democracy. This reality has harmed the values and virtues America is known for.

It is astounding to note there are Americans eager to dilute their independence in order to accept government intervention in their daily lives to solve a temporary economic problem. This philosophy runs counter to the high ideals espoused by the framers so many years ago. The basic premise of prosperity in which an individual sacrificed and worked hard to attain the dream of home ownership and a better lot in life, has been dismissed by the actions of several powerful entities. During the Presidential Campaign, the media showed its disregard of journalistic integrity by its concerted attempts to show favor to one candidate by withholding salient information required and demanded of a democratic society. The media also viewed its presumption of judgement by the chronic denigration of opponents in efforts to reenforce its philosophy. Moreover, lawmakers eager attempts at extortion of the American public by its passage of the bail out measure and with talk of 'spreading the wealth' during the past few months, one wonders where have the voices and the Judeo-Christian values of our Founding Fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and Adams once embraced throughout the country gone?  

During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt provided the needed resources and programs as a solution to the nations' financial woes. Today, America is at a crossroads of instrospection. To either save capitalism from the encroaching workings of socialism or to have a nation bewildered by prospects of a deep Depression just around the corner. This current debate has provided an unfortunate challenge of how to balance opposing extremes. Decisions of such magnitude has been brought to our doorstep due to America 's desire to spend beyond its means and government legislation encouraging such behavior.

The $750 Billion bail out approved by Congress and the forthcoming bail outs of the auto industry among other lifelines forthcoming, is the slippery slope which begins the dissolution of basic tenets of independence espoused by the Founding Fathers.

Many immigrants, especially those that came to the US from Cuba, Vietnam, Russia and other countries, know all to well the suffering and the despotic attempts of government intervention in their daily lives. They remember the inept ideologies of socialism which creates false hopes and dreams of prosperity where none exist. That's why many of these Americans, our family included, left their homelands for a better life away from the downtrodden philosophies of abusive regimes, where its main purpose is to control all aspects of one's life. The life we live is richer and truly meaningful once we employ the gift of freedom America lovingly offers. 

The financial mess America is in today can be resolved if we make thoughtful and intelligent decisions. The consequences of haphazard choices by our lawmakers will provide the backdrop for this nations' destiny. Patience and perseverance is needed. The future is truly in our hands.

Financial News

The abyss continues. Most of the news reported this week was troublesome for many Americans. The litany of foreclosures - precipitous decline in retail sales for October - job losses - bank closures - dramatic changes in which the bail out will now be utilized by the Federal Government - the egregious expenditures by AIG executives at a posh resort - the planned bail out of the auto industry - the debate to provide an additional stimulus package for Americans and the volatility of the stock market - are activities which continue the downward slide. The good news we can all share however, revolves around lower mortgage rates on average - the implementation by FanniMae & FreddieMac of guidelines to help homeowners facing foreclosure and attempts to do likewise by other lenders - a lower trade deficit - the decline in a barrel of oil under $60 which has lowered the price of gas at the pump and heating oil during the upcoming winter months. After all of this activity in the financial markets this week, no wonder many of us are gasping for air!


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