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September 13th, 2016 3:03 PM

Dear Friends,
In her quest to become the Chief Executive of this nation, it is disturbing to witness the unraveling of the truth in regards to everything that surrounds or involves the presence of the former Secretary of State. Her Campaign subordinates and the 'establishment' press have relinquished their responsibilities as Americans, by misleading the country in their actions. The Campaign has intentionally deceived all of us, with the assistance of the 'progressive' media as these entities have downplayed the devastating illness that came to light on Sunday, September 11th.
It is truly ironic and consequential this 'medical episode' occurred on the exact same day just 4 years ago where the lives of the US Ambassador to Libya and three of his associates were killed in Benghazi. Many of us recall this egregious chapter as the Madame Secretary of State did not assist these men, as they were fighting for their lives.
 I am old enough to know there are no coincidences in life, and there will always be a price to pay for anyone that hides from accountability and the total truth. The time and date of one's comeuppance will never be known, but divine intervention will determine the events that will offer the justice that is required. One can only wonder if a fainting spell or a seizure was the biblical catalyst that occurred last Sunday, as an omen to deny the Madame Secretary the Presidency.
As I've mentioned in previous posts, what happened at Ground Zero is a proverbial cloud hanging over this individual, as secrets pertaining to her health, character and plans to decimate America will continue. Nevertheless, I have the firm conviction there will be additional revelations that will shock this nation.
 After these disclosures are substantiated, the substance and righteousness of the American people will decide the future course of a society that has suffered from a deceptive chronic program to transform its profound theological and democratic origins. There will be an intense dialogue that will place all Americans in various camps and the
 results of the General Election in 56 days will reveal the life or death of America as we've embraced for generations.

In regards to one's health, I can reluctantly sympathize with the Madame Secretary as I've had my run of 'medical episodes' as a youngster, and I had no desire to divulge this affliction to my friends or acquaintances. While this health issue disappeared decades ago, this comparison is irrelevant as one is seeking the approval of Americans to represent their interests in a capacity that will change the destinies of this country and the entire world.
As the most powerful person 'alive', we need to know the medical history of all candidates running to be the ultimate voice in which compassion and inspiration are sought. All Americans must request the medical histories of the main candidates. This report, if at all possible, must be provided by an impartial panel of experts that will investigate fully any medical events either in the recent past or currently by offering a diagnosis that tells the whole truth.
Any sane individual will come to the logical conclusion there is a coverup in regards to the current health of the Madame Secretary, as the American people have been given several reasons for peculiar outbursts of a malady that seems uncontrollable. Whether it is pneumonia, Parkinson's Disease or a random illness, the American people will know the truth at an appointed time. With that said, a speedy recovery without complications is the best solution to this ongoing circumstance.

To my dismay, I was saddened to hear there are Americans that have been placed in 'a basket of 'deplorables' and are 'irredeemable' by the Madame Secretary in a fund raising speech last week. She was referring to those members of this nation that support the Republican candidate. Unfortunately, I disagree wholeheartedly with her assertions as a tremendous percentage of the American electorate have had enough of a government that continues to destroy all segments of society by its apoplectic policies. After almost 8 years of torment, in which the lives of hard working and law abiding citizens have suffered greatly, the hatred conveyed in her comments is another 'revelation'. Her derogatory statements can be construed as an additional factor to contemplate - as citizens fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities in casting their votes. It can be said, the wisdom and fortitude of true Americans will come to fruition by their thought provoking decisions on Election Day.
You can view her comments on the internet.

As an Independent voter, I have been humbly venerated to have the ability to view both political parties from a distance and decide the best path to follow. With this compulsion, the American people must allow their minds to see the obvious and do their best to plan their lives and of their families accordingly. Demanding the truth is a requirement in gaining one's trust. Be circumspect in everything that you read, hear or view from the main street media, due to their inability to be impartial. The Madame Secretary has forfeited her support by logical, fair minded and discerning Americans after more than 25 years of scandals that never cease. Integrity and honesty is what I seek in anyone that I allow to be in my life either personally or publicly. This is my diagnosis for how to intelligently cast your ballot for President of the United States on November 8th, 2016.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on September 13th, 2016 3:03 PMPost a Comment

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