July 8th, 2020 2:47 PM

Dear Friends,

I do my best to be an informed American, as I review the latest news that include various controversies that have traumatized this nation and the community in where I live. The desecration of monuments across the country has created a 'wake up call' in which we are viewing the attempted destruction of a Constitutional Republic. If the anarchists succeed, America that we have known from its inception - will no longer exist. In a world where evil proliferates, the America that I know and love will cease to be the champion of human rights. To erase history by the destruction of statues or monuments by Socialists and a political party in its demonic and chronic attacks of conservative and discerning views, their actions have traumatized the nation. Concurrently, the main street media has forfeited its allegiance to convey the truth in all matters of substance, as their inability to remain impartial will lead to additional bouts of civil disobedience. 

If the Satanic attacks continue to disrupt the basic fundamental civility that Americans require to live in harmony is eventually destroyed, tyranny is a foregone conclusion. As a given, when the governance of a nation ends its priority to establish law and order within its communities, the die has been cast. While this is true, the disruption of lives by the civil disobedience that continues to persist around the country, is the harbinger of circumstances yet to come. This situation will provide the impetus for rebellion, as Americans have witnessed the terror that has overcome major cities in a few short weeks.

It is my understanding, a cabal of Socialists and Marxists have infiltrated the main group of demonstrators by their violent streams of promoting disorder. Their attempts are to destroy the way of life enjoyed by law abiding Americans in all demographics. On all accounts, their violent actions obliterates their grievances

On a political level, the Democratic Party has chosen to accept Socialism as their call to 'transform' this nation towards perdition. Their desire is to depose the current President by all means necessary. This philosophy of 'transformation' has elevated into dehumanizing verbal and physical assaults, similar to the mindset of sociopathy - in all of its deceit and aggression.

On a personal level, as an individual that was born and escaped Communist Cuba, my family and the refugees that fled this imprisoned island, know full well the horrors of Socialism, Marxism and Communism. My parents sacrificed their lives for my brothers and me so we could live in a nation that believed in liberty, freedom and prosperity. The hatred that has enveloped America today, resembles the Cuba that I left as a child. To have this madness occur in this country, is a sign of deep fundamental disorders of logic, reason and mental affliction. In time, the truth will manifest out of our despair.  God willing, the light at the end of the tunnel will be visible on November 3rd, 2020 - if not before then.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

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