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Dear Friends,

A few weekends have past since I felt compelled to see the motion picture, Death Of A Nation written by Dinesh D'Souza. You might have heard of Mr. D'Souza, as he is a conservative political commentator and considered by many of his peers as a man of profound character and integrity. As I remember the day I went to the theater, it was on a Saturday morning and I was the first movie goer in attendance before the start of the film. On a gradual basis, there were others that began entering the auditorium. All told, there were no more than a dozen in the theater when the screen began showing trailers of upcoming attractions. The theater is located in the San Fernando Valley. The drive from where I live took no longer than 20 minutes. This was the only location that was showing the movie and the closest to my residence.

I have always been fascinated by American history. In High School and in College, I was intrigued by the personalities and the numerous struggles that created this country as a beacon for freedom by a perseverance that has known no bounds. The rich history of this nation through its passionate displays of intense convictions, has always endeared those that have the capacity to understand the direction and the substance of character mastered by the passion of the Founding Fathers. The sincere spirit to live in a civilization where the pursuit of happiness can only be measured by the embrace of ethical standards, is the basis for this nation's existence.

From the humblest beginnings of pilgrims on the Mayflower landing in Massachusetts in 1620 through the advancement of time when this nation's Independence from Great Britain occurs in 1776, this nation of complexities has extended its recognition and advancement of human rights. The plight of the Civil War advanced the gradual acceptance of the Emancipation Proclamation. Notwithstanding, America's involvement in fighting the scourge of oppression in two World Wars and the adherence of values espoused in the Constitution throughout its history, is recognized by the world as the uplifting pursuit of abundance in thought and security when the civil rights of all citizens are considered supreme. This approach has elements of spiritual involvement in the works of Providence. Regrettably, America is currently under attack from its own citizens, as the scourge of deep hatred and discredited ideologies have risen, to foment an unorthodox and nefarious approach to resolve the numerous challenges this nation faces.

After viewing the film, I came to an understanding the political extremities of the 1860's are similar in its intensity with the demands of American society today. During the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War was in full force as Slavery was the main impediment of division. The Democratic Party during this time in history was adamant in its approval and the proliferation of support for Slavery. Many years later, we are made to understand the Democratic Party did its best to prevent the passage of Civil Rights legislation, and through its Segregationist Governors and law enforcement individuals, refuted the basis of civil rights concepts throughout American society. Additional historical manipulations were advanced by despotic European regimes during the Second World War. These regimes began to comprehend the oppressive enforcement of Segregation and the dehumanization of black citizens in American society, by incorporating these concepts into their own governmental suppression of their citizens,

The similarities in the subjugation of American culture and the censorship of free speech in today's society, is truly alarming. For years I have mentioned a 'triumvirate' of sorts in which the main street media, the clandestine power of the 'deep state' and the workings of corrupt business entities, have embarked on a mission to destabilize the appropriate recognition and respect for our civil liberties espoused in the Constitution. The leftist concepts of governance endorsed in Socialism, has an ultimate goal to suppress and eliminate the freedoms we've recognized throughout American history.

Since the aftermath of the 2016 General Election, the duly elected 45th President has been under daily assault for anything and everything he has embraced to assist the American people. The economy has surpassed all expectations. When there are more Americans working and providing the sustenance required for their families, this is a direct attack on those that despise the enhancement of one's independence.

We also have witnessed the scandalous attempts to destroy this President from within. The corruption at the Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other government agencies to destroy this man, by elevating a fraudulent account of 'collusion' with the Russian government to win the 2016 General Election, has been an investigation without evidence.

 I can continue with the exasperation of behavior that has infiltrated all media concerns. This can be exhausting. Just a few hours ago, the detestable purge of a Supreme Court Justice nominee similar to a 'modus operandi' of contempt that occurred in 1991 by the Democrats, extends the deep moral schism this country continues to envelop.

In regards to the movie, High Schools and Colleges in this country should have this film available to be viewed by all students. Unfortunately this will not happen, as a preponderance of faculty administrators are content to conceal the truth, in order to maintain their positions in 'higher education' and by their contempt of a constitutional democratic republic.

So what happens next? After the Mid Term Elections in November, I will be preparing a manuscript entitled The Death and Resurrection Of A Nation, once the pragmatic wisdom of the American people are triumphantly known. There were a dozen moviegoers in attendance when I went to see Mr. D'Souza's film. The history of leftist abuse, encapsulated by the motivations of the Democratic Party, has been documented. It only takes one voice, even in the intellectual destitution of Southern California for those that attended this film - to spread the truth. America is at another crossroads, as this nation will decide its path towards prosperity or devastation.

 My voice out of a dozen souls, through the divine auspices of discernment, has now been heard.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Film Trailer For 'Death Of a Nation'

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