September 1st, 2020 12:10 PM

Dear Friends,

Before I begin my remarks, I must say that as an Independent 'swing voter', I viewed or heard the speakers in both political conventions during the past 2 weeks. If you are familiar with my past, I was born in Cuba and left that imprisoned island with my two older brothers in April of 1962. Our beloved parents were prevented in accompanying us on our journey towards liberty and freedom - only 90 miles away from the Florida coast. We were finally reunited in August of 1966. During this time in our lives, the cruel and vicious contempt for the lives of those eager to escape, were either killed, incarcerated or oppressed by the Communist government and their sympathizers. I was only 6 years of age and the trauma of what transpired so many years ago, still resides as a painful remembrance that will never depart the essence of my character. With this background, you must realize there is evil in this world, and the American people must recognize the inherent traits of those eager to hold power by their control of all aspects of our lives.

Any intelligent. discriminating and/or intellectual American citizen, will comprehend there is a division in ideology on how to live without ruthless barriers constructed by government, the state in which we reside and by our local communities. A Democratic Republic was designed by the Founding Fathers as a blueprint on how we as citizens are to embrace and appreciate the governance of our lives through moral persuasion and genuine entreaties.

The Conventions

I briefly viewed the former First Lady and the 44th President outline their opinions in regards to the current state of American society. Moreover, on the last day of the Democratic National Convention I sat in front of my laptop and viewed the remarks made by the Democratic nominee, the former Vice President. Their concepts and ideologies of American governance are interesting, as one must decipher the overall veracity of their remarks. I'll just leave it as that.

The Republican National Convention had diverse speakers and I was truly moved by the sincere remarks made by a businessman, born in Cuba. He outlined the struggles encountered by his family and the oppression that remains on the Communist island. Many Cubans were led to believe that Fidel Castro would embrace democracy, however he misled the country and the entire world by his acceptance of Communism as the force on how he was to govern. His remarks were familiar as I had tears in my eyes, as I was taken back to a time and place of profound sadness as a child when my life was upended by evil. The truth and the wisdom in Maximo's message is a 'wake up call' for all Americans. Socialism, the disrespect of our neighbors, the chronic attempts of abandoning law and order for political purposes that includes vandalism, the loss of life and the pandemic of violence in the streets, will continue if the American people allow these circumstances to occur when they cast their ballots on November 3rd, 2020.

I also viewed other speeches from a diverse lineup of Americans with an optimism that would not allowing hatred to foment in one's life. I viewed the speeches by the First Lady, the Vice President and of course the President. The comparisons of the Conventions outlined differing messages and approaches on how Americans are to live in abundance today and in years to come. A stark reality is in front of us. After all is said and done, I've known for years how I would vote in the General Election. My hope is for all Americans to devote a daily time for prayer, so the virtue of wisdom is secured and appreciated by living in a nation under an Almighty God.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

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