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Dear Friends,

I would like to preface my remarks to say that I'm concerned the 'health care reform' bill scheduled for a vote today, will begin a process where the ultimate goal is to have government intervention in control of our daily lives. While 'historic' can be considered an adjective for an esteemed accomplishment, this legislation is unworthy of such high accolades as the 'history' of its development is engulfed in corruption, bribery, extortion and the specter of breaking the rule of law. The roundabout way in which this legislation will garner the 216 minimum votes for passage, is counter to Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution. While reform of the health care system is a project all Americans can agree demands and requires thoughtful, prudent remedies, the ferocious manner in which this legislation is being forced to a vote is truly unprecedented. The methods in which the Speaker, the Senate Majority Leader and the President are enforcing the passage of this legislation, is counter to the interpretation expressed by the Founding Fathers, most notably James Madison, the main architect of the Constitution itself.    

The 'reform' in which countless lives will change overnight are riddled with bouts of headaches and nightmares. The final details of this legislation is in the process of constant revision as more earmarks, empty promises, undocumented kickbacks and arm twisting tactics are utilized to force the hand of undecided Congressmen, in an all out effort of intimidation to vote or change a previous vote in the affirmative. The details and the consequences of the bill will raise insurance premiums, raise all health care costs, ration care, force Americans to purchase insurance with the threat of imprisonment, create a system of enforcement involving the IRS, diminish quality of care, refusal of doctors to treat Medicare patients due to Medicare cuts, more physicians will quit the business as their incomes decline precipitously, the decline of medical students seeking to practice medicine, all patient medical histories will be transferred online where privacy can no longer be assured, years of tax increases, the Federal debt skyrocketing in the trillions and the most egregious provision would allow taxpayer funded abortions. Socialized health care is on the verge of becoming law. As an American born in Cuba, I can see the day when health care resembles the disgrace just 90 miles from Florida's shores.

The Constitutional Crisis 

Most Americans have an indication of what's happening. As of January 20th, 2009 the winds of change has surrounded the nation with such intensity, there are limited resources within its grasp to slow the relentless and alarming speed of a transformation, where the daily lives of its citizens are no longer considered sacrosanct. The rule of law has become inoperative and has found its voice in a planned scheme to control the basic aspects of one's personal existence. George Orwell's 'Big Brother' has now become a manifesto where government power is the basis for the approval of one's individual pursuit of happiness and welfare of the family. The sociopaths in government, business and the media are in delight, as the basic fundamental structures of a democratic republic begins to disintegrate in front of weary eyes.

'Cancer Growing On The Presidency'

It was on the morning of March 21st, 1973 that a young attorney in a conversation with President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office, detailed the voluminous escapades of corruption and deceit under the auspices of an administration he was hired to represent. John Dean, counsel to the President began his remarks by stating the obvious: "We have a cancer within-close to the Presidency, that's growing. It's growing daily. It's compounding. It grows geometrically now, because it compounds itself." 

(This conversation has been recorded)

Later that year, John Dean testified about this very exchange in front of a transfixed nation at the Senate Watergate Committee Hearings. Many of us remember the Chairman, North Carolina Democrat Senator Sam Ervin, a true man of genuine character, homespun values and possessing an array of amusing and compelling anecdotes rich in wisdom. He loved the Constitution and extolled the numerous virtues of the Founding Fathers in his defense of civil liberties.

On the other side of the aisle months later, Articles of Impeachment were approved by members of the House Judiciary Committee. Chairman Peter Rodino presided over the high drama as 3 Articles of Impeachment, 'obstruction of justice', 'abuse of power' and 'contempt of Congress' were approved by the House of Representatives.

The 'cancer growing on the Presidency' continued to haunt the Executive Branch of government, as secretive, surreptitious criminal activities escalated into a fulcrum of disbelief once discovered by a shocked and exasperated nation. The 'third rate burglary' of the Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate in June of 1972 became the focal point in a stream of daily headlines of wiretaps, IRS intimidation, CIA investigations, hush money, breaking and entering of private offices and the complete dissolution of law and order maneuvered by the main occupant in The White House.

One needs to be reminded the pursuit of the truth at all costs is the basic, fundamental approach and philosophy of journalism. The reporting of the Watergate horrors through the cooperation and intrigue of 'Deep Throat', gave assurances to reporters Woodward and Bernstein of The Washington Post the guidance and direction required to pursue the facts. All of the major networks in concert with the press, began their own investigations of an Administration 'out of control'.

Within 18 months of John Dean's assertions of the growing menace in his conversation with the 37th President, exactly 37 years ago to this day, Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace on August 8th, 1974. The 'smoking gun' audio tape, where it was revealed the President agreed to pursue a 'coverup' of the break-in, the elders in the Republican Party and the majority of Americans deemed it best to end the paralysis of governance, forcing Nixon's resignation. The following morning, in a tribute to the courage of a young Theodore Roosevelt and the lamentations of Nixon's beloved mother, the psychological frailties of despondency in childhood and as a young adult came full circle.

Scandal Similarities

Millions of Americans witnessed this acrimonious, perplexing and prolonged chapter in American history, which is seldom discussed today. Perhaps the exigencies of Watergate so resemble the current exploits of corruption, employed by a consortium that includes the active participation of the Executive Branch, Congress, Wall Street and the Media, one must be on guard to realize there's a sense of dejavu but with much larger implications for the preservation of American democracy.

The 'health care reform' bill is scheduled to be voted in the House of Representatives today. In order for a bill to become law under Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution, both Houses of Congress must vote on the merits of the legislation. After the recording of the vote, the bill is then debated by members of the House and Senate in the Conference Committee to iron out any differences. Once the measure is accepted by both Houses of Congress, a new vote is scheduled for passage. If the legislation is passed, the bill goes to the President for his signature where it becomes law. In a nutshell, this is the system devised by the framers of the Constitution to incorporate a methodical approach where all legislation is scrutinized and accountability assured by the Legislative and Executive Branches of government, before a bill becomes the law of the land.

As a youngster I was thrilled to know more about how government works and how laws were adopted and enforced. Most Americans understand the basic premise in this process and to hear otherwise is unforgiving. Notwithstanding, we now have the complicit cooperation of 2 Branches of the US Government agreeing to circumvent the laws of accountability as written in the Constitution to pass a 'health care reform' bill. The measures in which the House Speaker and the Senate Majority leader, with the approval of the President to avoid the rule of law, this my dear friends has the beginnings of a divisive road towards insolvency and scandal. The road once traveled during the Watergate scandal in the early  1970's is now revisited with much more damaging consequences.

'Deemed' & 'Pass' & 'Reconciliation'

Legislation can never be 'deemed' as passed if not voted upon by both the House and Senate, nor is 'reconciliation' a Parliamentary maneuver in securing credibility of a bill's content. Even though the 'deemed' and 'pass' method will not be applied as reported yesterday, 'reconciliation' in the Senate poses the same ill effects. The damage to the Constitution if the 'health care reform' bill is 'passed' under obsequious and clandestine methods, will ultimately end the integrity of the US Government for years to come. Any legislation passed and written into law in this manner, along with the provisions of the 'health care reform' bill itself, will be aggressively contested and in the end, be considered an unconstitutional exercise in futility.

When we look back to another time, we can appreciate the irony in which this nation is held captive today. The 'cancer on the Presidency' has now spread its malignancy not just on the Executive Branch, but in the Halls of Congress and by a constrained silence in the newsmedia. The main players eager to report the corruption and the menacing attributes of government in turmoil during Nixon's reign, are nowhere to be found when the Constitution is defamed by the planned actions of those seeking to circumvent the rule of law. One's profession or party affiliation should never cloud the simple discernment of right from wrong.

Journalists are no longer viewed as the bulwark of objectivity or the purveyors of the truth. A mediocre approach where substance is no longer viewed as a prerequisite for the reporting of facts, the basis of impartiality is dismissed and gathers no value. Most Americans who view the nightly news,  24 hour cable news stations or read the dwindling number of newspapers across the country, are compelled to adopt a mindset in which anything that surfaces as fact, must be challenged in order to redeem its true credibility. America has become a nation in need of trustworthy men and women in a profession where the respect and responsibility to inform the nation during unfolding events must be considered genuine and without reproach. At one time, not so long ago, journalism as a profession was highly valued. Since the  primaries and the General Election of 2008, many journalists lost sight of their responsibilities and endorsed one candidate over another. The divisiveness we see in America today, can be construed as a direct result of the abrogation of its role in a democracy where bias has become the operative word of a 'cancer growing daily'. 

When the main cast of characters work in concert to bend the rule of law by any means necessary to accomplish their objectives, the psychological implications of one's motivation can easily be deciphered. A sense of abandonment, the strict discipline of a family member, the personal failures in various episodes during the early years of childhood, all conspire to create the circumstances which direct one's predisposition towards a diluted sense of accomplishment as an adult. Unfortunately, many of these adults seek the adulation and the fortune of their peers in a contest reserved for children. Americans are now witnessing the disturbing effects of parenting gone wrong. Corruption, bribery, deceit and the abandonment of decorum have risen the stakes in a 'Constitutional Crisis' where maturity and integrity are sidelined for the rush of invincibility.

Most adroit citizens have come to the realization that a good percentage of politicians face internal challenges in absorbing reality. There were several examples that occurred during the past week, when Americans were scratching their heads in utter amazement when the Speaker of the House mentioned 'we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.' The President joined the bandwagon of memorable quotes by stating that "I don't spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or the Senate." We also had a Congressman change his vote for the 'health care reform' bill from a no to a yes after riding with the President on a big plane, none other than Air Force One around Ohio and Washington. Certainly James Madison nor serious minded Americans, would ever have conceived of such a display of hubris when our lives have become fodder for unplanned comedy skits or better yet, a sitcom without a laughtrack!

If the 'health care reform' bill is passed by the 111th Congress, with the approval and participation of the 44th President, the die has been cast. Lawsuits from State Attorney Generals, private citizens, demonstrations for repeal and the unrest of Americans across the country are just a few of the various consequences one can envision almost immediately. Consequently, the careers of many Democrats in Congress will come to an end in the November mid-term elections.

As America came to admire Senator Sam Ervin so many years ago during a stressful chapter of this country's vast history, we will come to know men and women who will rise to the occasion, preordained by destiny to remind us no man is above the rule of law in a nation founded by the works of Divine Providence. 'The Constitutional Crisis' has made its presence known, while the fight for the soul of America begins anew.

Thanks Again   


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