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December 11th, 2017 6:46 PM

Dear Friends,
The Christmas season is in full swing! For many of us, we are excited to be among family and friends. We enjoy the giving of gifts, our participation in dinner parties and celebrations in which we and others notice the display of our best temperament that may have been dormant for the past year! While our generosity in giving is sincere, we recognize the true meaning of Our Lord's birth when we appreciate its profound interpretation by the love we share for one another. This is the transcendent gift we have the ability to give or withhold.
Perhaps for the followers of the Christian faith throughout the world, there will be presents underneath the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, a melancholy presence endures, as a global population will not have the ability to rejoice or offer comfort as nefarious circumstances will control one's disposition during this beloved time.
There are past and present events that have a pronounced sense of sadness once its occurrence is near Christmas Day. Many Americans in the recent past have lost their jobs and their homes through foreclosure. Currently in California, the loss of one's home due to wildfires is painfully traumatic. Death by violence, the passing of a family member or a good friend, can instill a tremendous sense of grief. One's mourning is compounded by the joyous outpouring of holiday enthusiasm that surrounds our neighbors and the whole community while one laments.
As a Cuban refugee in 1962, I was terribly despondent as a youngster, as my brothers and I were separated from our parents during four Christmas Seasons. The separation during those years took its emotional toll. On December 17th of 1996, I was disheartened by the death of my beloved mother. Her passing a week before Christmas Eve and the funeral several days later, were tragic events that will always be in my memory. Since that day so many years ago, I am able to discern her presence. I'm encouraged that all challenges that I face throughout life, builds character and offers the additional strength I need to overcome.
In order for us to remove all vestiges of hatred, deception and division, we must always fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves by displaying strong moral principles. When we mislead others, the consequences are foreboding. The message of the Christmas Season, is to live a life where the truth is embraced in all aspects of our lives. We respect ourselves when we respect others. To be honest in a fallen world offers the divine protection we need and advances our peace of mind.

I have become The Christmas Optimist.  I am no longer burdened by past events that have created a disconsolate disposition. I fully understand the various challenges one faces during various stages of life. By viewing our lives as a Christmas gift to be revered, one is afforded the wisdom to ascertain the origination of any message where hate and deception is construed as a common form of communication. We all know the culprits that have masterminded and infiltrated our society with evil. To conquer these powerful sources, we must let the Spirit of Christmas engulf our souls, as we look forward to a life with all its glory!
Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on December 11th, 2017 6:46 PMPost a Comment

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