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April 11th, 2010 8:09 PM


Dear Friends,

As I concentrate on what is to be, I close my eyes. In the distance I hear the birds chirping outside my window. The faint sound of cars passing briskly overtakes the ticking of an office clock. I inhale and exhale. My last breath is similar to my very first. The motor of a lawn mower, the sound of a jet plane overhead, the humming of a refrigerator and the settling noises of a 77 year old house, all conspire to end the solitude of peace and quiet where silence is the solace I seek above all else on this day. I open my eyes, only to realize I'm back where I began. Time is unable to stand still. The day progresses. I have arrived at my destination. I begin to write.

For some reason, I had a desire to share a minuscule 'slice of life' moment with you, where unavoidable interruptions flourish on a typical weekend afternoon in a middle class Los Angeles neighborhood. In this exercise, I gather all of my senses in a ritual where I am unable to change the past nor prevent the consequences, where previous actions will undoubtedly alter one's future course.  

If you are not aware, America has crossed into a new horizon where liberty and freedom as we have become accustomed, has lost its predominance. The great sacrifices of previous generations in battles to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from outside forces, has suffered from powerful and misguided voices throughout its municipalities. The majority party and their enablers have besmirched the arguments for the basis of America's origination by the Founding Fathers, in its failures to accept the rule of law. The wisdom in which the Framers were guided to form a 'more perfect union', has escaped the intellectual capacities of those currently in the majority of this nation's government. Simply, the will of the people has been ignored.

Once 'health care reform' was signed into law, the fight for the soul of this nation as envisioned by the Founding Fathers began in earnest. Why would the health of all Americans become the lightning rod for a groundswell of discontent for so many? While it is somewhat comforting to know there are individuals in government that have an interest in offering universal healthcare to Americans not currently covered by insurance, one needs to examine the provisions, the guidelines and the mandates this law has created in its formation to alleviate this shortfall.

In a sea of embellishments, deception, spin and lies, most Americans like myself hunger for the truth. We rarely see it in our elected leaders from the President, both houses of Congress and from the news media. We no longer believe or have trust in anything many of these individuals or institutions have to say.

Many Americans are disconsolate and weary of power structures as they perpetrate a culture of greed, corruption, incompetence and avarice which has created the financial mess we so painfully are suffering today. A generation ago, many of us understood the egregious abuse of power. When anyone mentions Watergate, we automatically are reminded of the abuses in which government became the solicitor of high crimes and misdemeanors.  When government deems it necessary to impose jail sentences or to use the IRS to oversee the enforcement of those without health insurance, this does not bode well in celebrating democratic principles.

Due to these exigencies in the law just signed, the population at large is in need of methodical inquisitors eager to fill a void where journalists have abandoned their duties to investigate and clarify the important issues facing all Americans. With an ingrained bias and tell tale signs of mediocrity notwithstanding, we are viewing the newest mantra of a new style of journalism. The active construct of  'SPEAK NO EVIL - SEE NO EVIL - HEAR NO EVIL' has become the prerequisite in which investigative reporting of any major issue of consequence is no longer viewed as necessary if one's employer is harmed or disgraced in the process. 

While the 'health care reform' bill was passed under dubious and immoral standards of conduct in securing the required 216 votes for passage, the distasteful approach in its evolution will always have a stain of contempt for those members forcing its enactment. Before the signing of this bill into law by the President in a ceremony witnessed by millions on live television, an unplanned expletive was detected by many as the Vice President in prose worthy of the occasion, sealed the fate of this legislation.

It will be determined in various historical accounts of this 'reform' bill from its inception to its passage, the revulsion in which Americans have for the members of Congress who voted in the affirmative. Many of us will never forget the corruption, the intimidation, the chronic lies and misrepresentations of the major players in government, to achieve 'health care reform'. The disdain government has for its citizens has been exposed once again. It is a given, the scourge of a downtrodden majority will seek its vengeance.

It is my understanding that over 32 million Americans will now have the ability to have health insurance. While this milestone was reached under incongruous circumstances, most citizens agree the path in which this has become the 'law of the land' is troublesome and is in need of repair. 

In upcoming TeamBlogs, I will discuss these concerns and offer suggestions which all Americans can embrace. In paraphrasing the verbiage from 37 years before, John Dean the advisor to the President testified in the Watergate hearings of a 'cancer on the Presidency' which permeated the criminal activities of the Nixon White House. Truly, there is no need for the 'cancer to spread' when surgery can extricate the malignancy. In a few short months the prayers of concerned Americans will compell a benign prognosis.

 TeamBlog Viewers

Last Monday, April 5th, MoneyTeamUSA registered over 2700 viewers reading the TeamBlog entries in just 1 day! To know the entire world is curious to learn the truth as I and others intuitively know the truth, through the awesome gift and power of discernment, this my dear friends is refreshing and invigorating! 

Thanks Again



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