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November 18th, 2017 9:14 PM

Dear Friends,
For the past several weeks America has been inundated by allegations of sexual misconduct from recognizable individuals of a contrived elite status. While this has been a major topic of conversation and rightly so, many of us are disturbed by the revelations - as this has shaken our beliefs in the true character of a powerful segment of the American public.
This form of control is abhorrent and repugnant. The victim may lack the mental strength to overcome the abuse. Precious time can escape the fundamental power to heal, when inadvertent reminders dissolves the true meaning of living life to its fullest. Undergoing constant emotional impediments caused by trauma is heartbreaking. To obtain healthy and constructive loving relationships after the assault has occurred, is a process that can take a lifetime to restore.
When one sits back and reviews the details of the circumstances, the truth is considered difficult to ascertain as one encounters a world where hypocrisy and deception are utilized to discredit the accuser or the transgressor.
It is apparent the accuser has acquired the courage to divulge the horrific event as a release - to end the association of abuse that has been a presence in one's life. The bravery that accompanies this decision, is a logical understanding one would undertake, to overcome the painful devastation and humiliation of its aftermath.
In our society, we have produced a maelstrom of individuals unable or unwilling to respect others or have the restraint to end any compulsion for felonious sexual conduct.

In government, it has been divulged a sitting US Senator representing the State of Minnesota has succumbed to inappropriate behavior. A photograph of this man engaging in this travesty is now well documented. It is unfortunate the adult population of this great state elected this person to represent their interests. Per this man's previous assignations in deranged forms of prurient entertainment, he must be reminded the abuse of women is not considered a script for a sitcom nor a comedy skit. It's obvious there's a buffoon in the US Senate. I can only imagine the disbelief from up above by the deceased former Senator and Vice President - Hubert H. Humphrey. Will I be disparaged in my remarks by telling the truth?

We have also noticed a Republican Senatorial candidate from the State of Alabama seeking office amidst in controversy, as he has disavowed any sexual misconduct allegations by women up to 40 years ago. It is the understanding of many in the mental health field, one's ability to conquer abuse of this magnitude is a methodical process that has a pronounced effect on one's mental health. The time required to vanquish the abuse can take many years. It is regrettable the veracity of these allegations will not be forthcoming due to the timing so close to the Senatorial election. Moreover, there are discrepancies in material evidence from one of the accusers and an association with the opposing political party from another.

The only method discerning and rational citizens of Alabama must consider are the following:
* Review the accusations in its entirety, without the entrenched bias or assertions of culpability of the main street media.
* Why are these accusations revealed so close to the Senatorial election?
* The importance of your vote is truly important. Will your vote change your life, your family and those of the nation?
* Does the Republican candidate you've known publicly for up to 40 years, possess the capacity for such abuse?
The uncomfortable position of becoming the judge, jury and executioner of the Republican candidate on December 12th by Alabama registered voters, will have an impact on the destinies of those directly or indirectly affected by its appalling circumstances.
One must wonder is it easier to hate than to love, or is it acceptable to forgive so that justice can prevail?
In contrast, I can continue with disturbing and well known sexual misconduct allegations against the 42nd President, and how the main street media and its supporters have covered up its responsibilities to divulge the truth for many years.

Moreover, the entertainment industry has been tormented by this behavior, as a major motion picture producer has been exposed along with other well know actors in motion pictures. The multitude of abuse throughout these circles has been immense in its frequency. Notwithstanding, numerous individuals have known of these assaults without advising authorities, due to financial constraints tied to income or the possible loss of a major role in an upcoming film.

As a Roman Catholic, our Church has succumbed to the abuse of children by the clergy for decades. Finally recognizing the harm youngsters have endured, the Church has devised guidelines to defeat all vestiges of disreputable behavior that can destroy the delicate loving personalities of growing children.
The disturbing sexual misconduct in a society that we continue to witness, is an assault on all of us. The character of this nation has suffered greatly as a result.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on November 18th, 2017 9:14 PMPost a Comment

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