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March 5th, 2010 10:37 PM

Dear Friends,

In everything we do, there is a space in time where our dreams and goals come to fruition after much sacrifice and patience. In my simple capacity to give sincere advice to those in need of comfort, I always strive to provide the best guidance by offering basic lessons in humility. Certainly, there are occasions where the path I seek for others is fully ignored by my sudden or temporary frailties of indecision I have in myself. It is only logical that I should embrace the methodical advice I give to those who seek my opinions. By so doing, I am expected to live under harmonious outcomes or by unforseen compelling circumstances. In Scripture, we are reminded of simple interactions where one's struggles in regards to character or integrity are explored by prevailing events throughout its passages.

In America today, the appointed time has come, where the future of this great nation is at a crossroads. Consequently, this current generation of Americans will either display its courage of convictions by upholding the values of personal responsibility, liberty and freedom or abrogate the entire ideals of democratic principles for the preservation of corrupt, arrogant and abusive voices. These powerful forces in government, media and business are seeking to transform a democracy towards a morally bereft experiment in socialism. This 'triumvirate' has demonstrated its abilities by rejecting the will of its citizens.


Health Care Dementia Continues

There are several issues currently under discussion which has permeated a vociferous debate in regards to the direction this country is headed. When the voices of a majority are heard and ignored by a recalcitrant power structure unwilling to heed the advice of concerned individuals, the consequences of such stubborn actions begins to engulf the energy of the nation. In efforts to stampede a 'health care reform' bill and utilize a rare and ubiquitous Senate maneuver by an oxymoron attempt of 'reconciliation', the grab for power and control of our lives is obvious. Americans are now in a fight to prevent an organized effort by government to intervene by fiat, in the private decisions one contemplates in choosing remedies to alleviate pain. The ability to choose a physician, a health procedure or medicine, will now have the hand of an uninvited presence. When exorbitant taxes are recommended to offset the voluminous higher costs of a superfluous attempt at 'reform', the contrived solution is worthless. The unintended 'reform' will in time cause more pain and suffering not just with the decline in service or quality of care, but in our pocketbooks. 

Notwithstanding, the distasteful approach by government in allowing abortion as a part of 'health care' is unthinkable. Abortion is not health care. The hard work and wages earned by Americans to pay for the destruction of life, in the newest attempt at transforming universal health care policies, are truly disturbing. There are efforts to have this legislation pass by both Houses of Congress during Easter week. How ironic it has become to set a goal of passage for legislation allowing our tax dollars to pay for a procedure where life is destroyed, to coincide with the celebration of life on Easter Day in the form of the Resurrection.

What more must Americans endure? 

It is no surprise to many, we are witnessing a complete lack of integrity and goodwill by the main power brokers elected to represent the interests of this nation. Indeed, health care reform is needed to help end sky rocketing costs. The solutions proposed by the majority party in Congress is tainted by the back room devices of bribery and corruption. This behavior is an illustration of the magnitude in which thoughts of distrust has permeated the culture to such an extent, civility is no longer regarded as respectable.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching. The appointed time when a nation collectively 'throws the bums out' has already started. When thoughtful and righteous advice is given by men of substance, one needs to sit up and take notice. Whatever happens during the next 8 months, the appointed time where the convergence of forces are reserved to change the destiny we are eager to embrace, this date has been set for November 9th, 2010.

New Pricing Policy

Please review our newest pricing policy, in effect since February 28th. We are committed to help our clients secure the lowest rates and fees on all mortgage transactions. Updates or changes to our policies will be posted once known. We encourage you to apply with MoneyTeam on your next Purchase or Refinance loan request. We are eager to hear from you! Please call our office at 323-936-3232 for more details. 


MoneyTeam WebSite Statistics

It gives me great pleasure to mention that our website is viewed by more persons than ever before! Our TeamBlog has created a tremendous amount of viewer traffic. While topics are diverse and at times do not incorporate the issues involving Real Estate or Mortgage Lending, one is compelled to use the bully pulpit to raise concerns in need of intelligent discussion. While there is a risk the views espoused might run contrary to those seeking a mortgage, one needs to appreciate the passion of one's convictions and the ability to communicate in a manner where contrivance is remote. We are living in challenging times. These weekly entries, helps me to provide a small window of opportunity where I can speak my mind and vent frustrations. In reviewing the latest statistics, it seems there are many readers, out of curiosity or of one accord, do indeed acknowledge a desire in accepting my approach towards life. I might be considered a curmudgeon by those that have reviewed my numerous entries or a passionate 'voice in the wilderness'. I am reminded the judgements of the public can be considered immaterial when one's heart is in the right place. I am humbled by the overwhelming response and will continue to provide a voice in a world where integrity is no longer a virtue to uphold.

Thanks Again



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