April 13th, 2018 3:56 PM

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When one reads Scripture passages after the Resurrection, you will find the various Acts of the Apostles in which we are informed of the events that transpired during this pivotal time leading to Pentecost. The Easter Season is upon us, even though the circumstances witnessed today or even 2000 years ago are either considered devastating to the human spirit or reflects the awesome realization of everlasting life after death. While the circumstances of the Easter Season are mysterious and overwhelming, the capacity to distinguish right from wrong continues to be relevant in a society harboring sentiments of rebellion in all manifestations. While there are burdens and anxieties known to devastate the willingness to do the right thing, this country and the world must finally recognize its importance by elevating the human condition with concepts that treasure respect, compassion and integrity in all endeavors. The acts of restoration begun in November 2016, continues its momentous dialogue this Easter Season, as we are witnessing a profound upheaval of the human condition.

After a previous government administration that failed to assist its citizens with employment gains and financial growth, Americans are witnessing a euphoric transformation of a renewed robust economy. Unemployment rates for members of Afro-American and Latino populations have broken all records since the gathering of labor statistics. The unemployment rate has declined precipitously for women as well. This activity helps to stimulate the economy and assists the entire citizenry with jobs that provides peace of mind. While unemployment figures are encouraging, the tax cuts that began in February has given a tremendous 'shot in the arm' for everyone. The tax cut and reform legislation has enabled many Americans to utilize added income in their paychecks to pay outstanding debts, purchase big ticket items or use the monies for investments or savings. It has also been reported that over 500 companies have given impressive bonuses to their employees. A resurgence in optimism due to the acts of the current government administration, has risen the confidence of Americans as they plan for their futures. Moreover, the strategic implementation of tariffs on imports of goods from countries known to have taken advantage of US trade, has created havoc on investors that fear a trade war will occur with no end in sight. As of today, the demonstration of fear by the roller coaster extremes of activity in the Stock Market has been surpassed by negotiations, in which fair trade is the true method of international commerce.  Notwithstanding, trade agreements approved and ratified by previous government administrations will be reviewed for its capacity to be a fair instrument, as America continues its dialogue through acts of economic restoration.

In upcoming posts, I will explore several dramatic changes that have occurred since the 2016 General Election. The various acts of revelation, discernment, mental clarity and oppression will provide the impetus and understanding of what this nation and the world must confront, in order to persevere from disconcerting behavior and actions of evildoers.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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