September 11th, 2008 10:11 PM

Dear Friends,

Today, September 11th, marked the 7th anniversary of one of the most devastating events in our nations' history. This is a day similar in destruction and importance as the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941. Both days 'will live in infamy'.

President Roosevelt's forceful words to the American people in front of a joint session of Congress changed the priorities. America became a mighty and respected bulwark of democratic principles and decency in this world by destroying the affirmations of evil by the Axis powers. Men of moral substance and intense character rose to the occasion by understanding the circumstances and the consequences once our freedom was placed in jeopardy. The statesmen of the era, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Presidents Roosevelt & Truman, employed a preeminent determination in their resolve to insure victory to end such tyranny.

From 1941 through 2001, there have been momentous events that have highlighted the character and the destiny of this country. This 60 year period provides a dramatic historical timeline of profound proportions and sacrifice which has shaped all avenues of thought, direction and destiny. Any student of American history can appreciate the challenges, the heightened elements and the intense changes of a country in evolution.

During the past 7 years since the attack on the World Trade Center, America's mission and its focus to infiltrate the devious temperaments of terrorism, has startled the country by elevating an acute awareness of a philosophy of hate and religious fanaticism eager to destroy the beloved ideals of freedom in our modern society. Collectively, Americans have become graduates of a civics lesson and a simple course in geography, where we can point on a chalkboard the nations willing to do us harm at all costs. This is truly a dangerous world.

We must be fortunate and grateful that our government for the past 7 years, has been diligent in its efforts to thwart the numerous conspiracies focused on efforts at destroying this country. Common sense underscores this premise, as we have not witnessed a terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11/01.

In every generation there are citizens devoted to the resurrection of ideals as espoused by our Founding Fathers. There is no political affiliation required to bestow gratitude to members of our government and the individuals involved for keeping our homeland safe. This patriotic responsibility is saving the freedoms we all hold so dear.

The Palin Effect

Since becoming the nominee for Vice-President on the Republican ticket August 29th, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has provided a maelstrom of energy which has resurrected dormant spheres of epiphanies pertaining to culture, philosophy and inherent values of American society. The earthquake manifestations of a debate long overdue, will help us define the core of America's character at this stage in our country's history.

Mrs. Palin has unwittingly become a symbol of enlightenment. She has brought about an examination of our beliefs, a personal and collective investigation of our values and the scrutiny of a nation's soul. There is a plan, a destiny and a fork in the road. We will know soon enough where America's path will lead.

The Bail Out

Last weekend Secretary Paulson with the authority of the US Government, took control of Fannie Mae & FreddieMac, the quasi-governmental mortgage providers for America's homeowners. The effects of this action was immediate.

Mortgage rates have decreased dramatically by at least a 1/2 point! The downward spiral in rates and the gradual effects of an end to a credit crunch that has hampered the economy, are optimistic predictions tied to the takeover of the 2 mortgage giants. Unfortunately, the stringent underwriting guidelines fostered in the wake of the 'mortgage mess' may still be in place, even though there will be more money flowing throughout the enconomy.

The American taxpayer, as always, will eventually pay the bill for the errors in judgment by our lawmakers and the dishonesty and fraud invoked by the active players of deceit in the mortgage industry. The continued economic breakdown of our financial institutions and the downward spiral of US commerce, is a long and drawn out chapter which will result in the loss of America's sovereignty. As mentioned in previous TEAMBLOGS, we no longer manufacture anything of value or substance. We have become a society of consumers. This transformation has created a dangerous dependency for cheap imported goods, electronics, furniture, clothing and foreign oil. America is now beholden to the likes of China and the Middle East. Just this week OPEC has decided to lower its production of crude in order to keep the price of oil over $100 a barrel. This country needs a simple course in US ECONOMY 101, where our financial freedom is jeopardized if we do not begin genuine efforts in purchasing goods made in America.

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We Miss You Luciano!

It has been 1 year since the passing of our beloved tenor of the ages, Luciano Pavorotti! We all know he's performing for the Almighty within warm and serene clouds.

In the audience, with an army of benelovent Angels and members of our families enjoying the passionate perfection of his voice in 'Nessun Dorma', I can hear the applause from here! It's deafening!  

Thanks Again 


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