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September 30th, 2010 11:10 PM

Dear Friends,

It has been over 7 weeks or 50 days to be exact, since I last posted a TeamBlog entry. During this time away from writing, I've had a cavalcade of trials and tribulations which I believe in my heart I've weathered a storm of intrigue without any workings of despondency. While many of us struggle throughout our days wondering if our financial or personal circumstances will see the approaching venue of a 'light at the end of the tunnel', I for one am here to give you encouragement. While most enlightened Americans have become aware of scurrilous attempts to defile the pure intentions of the Founding Fathers as proclaimed in the Constitution, the day of reckoning is fast approaching. The pain and suffering of many Americans must be addressed and the charming deceptions of a powerful few will no longer hold substance nor credibility. It's as though an Epiphany has opened the mighty Heavens in such a manner where our senses have truly energized the Spirit of '76 in 2010.

I was back in Northern Michigan just a short time ago and I was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful and spontaneous outpouring of friendship from total strangers I met throughout my stay. The warmth and sincerity displayed by those I was in contact with was richly rewarding. Even on the plane back to Los Angeles I met a young man troubled and coming to grips with his decision to end a long standing relationship with a girlfriend. Once we approached our destination, my newest friend revealed his appreciation for the heartfelt words of comfort that I was able to offer in his time of need.  

It goes without saying this nation has many good souls seeking to bring up their families by living in communities striving for peace and harmony at all levels. Unfortunately, Americans are faced with chronic dialogue, drama and intervention of foreign and disreputable concepts seeking to harm the fabric of one's individual sovereignty. As I've mentioned on so many occasions, the triumvirate of government, Wall Street business interests and the media has conspired to promote the workings of dead and discredited political philosophies as a basis for control. It's only a matter of time such an adventure as this, will finally come to an abrupt end.

Every day we are subjected to an avalanche of events which are damaging the harmony and the balance many of us seek to envelop in our own lives. There's no need for me to be painfully specific, as most Americans are developing spiritual abilities of discernment in recognizing the truth of an individual or the degree in which circumstances have affected one's ability to comprehend the origins of discontent. In other words, naivete' is no longer a distinction of those willing to save this country from ruin. 

Mortgage Rates & Underwriting Times

As you have noticed, mortgage rates are lower than anyone could have ever imagined! While many Americans are suffering the plight of foreclosures or filing bankruptcies to postpone sale dates on their homes or to rebuild their lives from a mountain of debt, there are those that have the good fortune to take advantage of the low rates being offered today. Please check our most current RATES MoneyTeam is offering and review our PRICING POLICY. We are confident our mortgage offerings are truly competitive. However, there is a word of caution. Due to these low rates, many lenders are experiencing up to 10 business delays in reviewing mortgage loan requests. We urge you to apply as soon as you can in order to alleviate the stress caused by slow turn around times. Please do not hesitate to call our office for more details.

Upcoming TeamBlogs

Now that I'm back and eager to write again, I will be discussing several topics which I've noticed are in need of investigation. The future of mortgage brokers, the disdain many Americans have for banks and financial institutions, the results of the Mid-Term elections and its significance, the measures on the ballot in California, the Gubernatorial Race in California, the foreclosure madness, the recognition and devotion to one's faith in overcoming obstacles, the all encompassing and uncompromising faith of CS Lewis, the 11:11 phenomenon and the restoration of integrity, honor and respect in all degrees of separation. These are just several of the issues I am willing to devote my time and energy during the coming weeks. I always seek your encouragement. I am aware of your participation and ongoing presence by the TeamBlog statistics I view on a weekly basis. I truly thank all of my newest visitors to the site and my regular band of enlightened curmudgeons! 

Contributions To Help Our Children

MoneyTeam will devote a percentage of its earnings to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital throughout the 4th Quarter of 2010. While it is difficult for many to generously give due to the financial struggles many Americans are facing today, we decided to do what we can to help. St. Jude's main purpose is to care for children stricken with catastrophic diseases and to conduct medical research to combat the ailments these youngsters have. We encourage you to call St. Jude with a donation. Their phone number is 1-800-822-6344. No amount of giving is too small to help.


MoneyTeam celebrates its 21st Anniversary of originating loans on Thursday, October 7th! If I say so myself, it's a MIRACLE we are still in business! These past 2 years has been a challenge with no words to describe the torment and the struggles companies similar to ours have had to endure from government intervention. The scapegoat for the sub-prime mess has been signed, sealed and delivered at the doorstep of 'Mom & Pop' small to medium mortgage companies. The gracious support of our former clients, their families and friends has made MoneyTeam a living testament to the undying virtue of perseverance. Our continued existence is a sign that Hope does indeed Spring Eternal!

Thanks Again  



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