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Los Angeles and other Western states are having a heatwave! For some inexplicable reason, Marilyn Monroe's performance of 'Heatwave' in the 1954 motion picture 'There's No Business Like Show Business' comes to mind as the appropriate setting for triple digit temperatures scorching Phoenix, Las Vegas and the desert. By viewing Marilyn, she offers no relief as the heat can only spread throughout America! You'll know why by visiting YouTube:

On Monday, July 1st, former councilman Eric Garcetti, will become the Mayor of Los Angeles. He seems like a nice fella as I met with him briefly at Tom Bergin's on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th. Gosh, anyone holding a beer in one hand and communicating with the other can't be all bad!

Angry Voices RISING!

In all seriousness, his first major conflict in office will concern the Millennium towers. Many residents living in the Hollywood area are anxiously awaiting the decision by the entire Los Angeles City Council in regards to the Millennium project, now scheduled for July 24th. The previous TeamBlog highlighted the problems and the disruptions to daily life if the towers planned for the area are constructed. On the 18th of June, adjustments to the project were agreed upon to downsize the towers from the original 55 story height. One of the buildings will have 39 stories and the other will comprise 35 stories. While both of these properties will continue to blight the neighborhood, a fault running below the site has been discovered! The safety of those living within the area and those slated to live in the towers is a major concern. If a final approval by the entire City Council is seen as a foregone conclusion by the developer and council members, a day of judgement is forthcoming. For those unwilling to use common sense, the risk is monumental. Please voice your concerns by visiting

Mortgage Rates Are RISING!

You might have noticed mortgage rates have skyrocketed during the past several weeks. The climb began when the Chairman of the Federal Reserve gave testimony indicating bond purchases of $85 Million per month will begin tapering soon, more likely in the Fall. The reaction was swift as the yield on the 10 Year Treasury Bill rose dramatically. While it is common knowledge the Federal Reserve is propping up the US economy by its bond purchases, many economists were unaware of the Feds plans were to take place so soon. The implications are sobering as interest rates, while still competitive compared to years past, has made the purchasing of a home or a refinance of one's personal residence more expensive.

MoneyTeam will be updating all mortgage rates on Wednesday from our major financial sources. We encourage you to review your situation objectively. Now may be the time to purchase or refinance. MoneyTeam offers free pre-qualifications. Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to hear from you soon.

 Team Book Club Is Rising!

Summer is upon us and I've decided that due to a heavy work schedule and travel plans, I am able to devote my time in reading only one book this quarter, Petrus Romanus. The authors are Thomas Horn and Chris Putnam. Both men are convinced that Pope Francis, newly elected to the Papacy on March 13th, will be the last Pope to be so honored in our lifetime. The prophecy in which St. Malachy of Ireland foretold of this event is written in his manuscript, 'Prophecy of the Popes' over 800 years ago. While this subject may cause concern for those in the Catholic faith, one's curiosity and the mystery surrounding the prophecy makes this an intriguing subject to explore nonetheless. My book report will be issued in late September. 

TeamBlog Encounters are Rising!

The TeamBlog will be devoting its Summer months by visiting restaurants in the Los Angeles area, reviewing the growing concern many Americans have regarding the loss of privacy and the plans to reform an immigration system that offers inept solutions. Other topics surrounding the entertainment industry, the economy and a commitment to rise above adversity will be highlighted.

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