April 1st, 2020 6:35 PM

Dear Friends,

It was over 30 years ago that my business partner at the time and I started our company - MONEYTEAM. He chose MONEY for the first name of the company and I chose TEAM. If you knew me well, you would instinctively recognize my devotion in relationships where everyone involved works together to accomplish a specific goal. I've always considered myself as a TEAM PLAYER when a major objective must be achieved in order to reach the results required for success. This is the backdrop in how I determine and/or discern the daily press briefings in which the Coronavirus Task Force that includes the President, Vice President, Health Officials and numerous government staff members are involved - in doing their best to end the spread of the Coronavirus in this country. Notwithstanding, the inclusion and the participation of the private sector by assisting the nation in manufacturing face masks, hospital ventilators and medical supplies, is just one of various magnanimous actions that America is being 'renewed' by the spirit of patriotism - in which we love our neighbors as ourselves.

I've always been fascinated with American history. During World War II, this nation was profoundly united in efforts to defeat Germany and their allies. The sacrifice of young men in combat and women in production lines was a reality. An impressive group of women were employed to manufacture artillery and supplies for the war effort. This was a true display of TEAMWORK that has enlightened their benevolence as 'The Greatest Generation' in American history. The steadfast passion and camaraderie to destroy the despotism that began in Germany, was the ammunition this generation of Americans understood as the basis to defeat the scourge of genocide. The Holocaust ended, when this nation and its allies confronted this evil by working in harmony for its destruction.


Since World War II, this nation has been involved in several conflicts in attempts to push back the rise of Communism or oppressive power of governments, by their hostile transgressions of the innocent in their societies. It was in 1939 that Germany began its desire for World dominance. Its ally Japan, determined America's involvement in the War by the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 - 'a date which will live in infamy'. These were the words the 32nd US President used to describe the attack the following day before both chambers of Congress. After the conclusion of his speech, a bipartisan Congress declared War against Japan.

Almost 79 years later, America is involved in a war, whereby our enemy is the Coronavirus, also referred to as COVID 19. In this 'invisible war', it is troublesome to note there are entities in this country that lack the basic understanding of patriotism or TEAMWORK in overpowering an enemy that has caused the deaths of many Americans by a pandemic that originated in Communist China.

This disease has become political, as the President's opposition party, the media and meanspirited leftist supporters have utilized their contempt on those seeking to end this outbreak by a constant stream of vicious attacks. When you have the Speaker of the House mention 'as the President fiddles, people are dying' or a television news anchor questioning the former Vice President if the Chief Executive has 'blood on his hands', or the suggestion that daily press briefings of the Coronavirus Task Force must not be aired on television due to the President's involvement by a leftist cable station, this minority of disconcerting Americans must never be compared to the heroes of 'The Greatest Generation' under any circumstances.

I am not a registered Republican nor Democrat. As an Independent I am confident that I have the capacity of judgment to view both sides of an argument. To politicize the pain and suffering many Americas are going through today is a disgrace. This nation must work together to combat this pandemic.

 Incidentally, our fundamental rights under the Constitution are under scrutiny. There are those in this country eager to deny or disparage the fundamental rights of Americans by taking advantage of the trauma that has descended this great nation. During the next few months, Americans that truly love this country will rise to the occasion and defeat this 'invisible enemy' and the leftist cabal lurking to destroy this country from within. Our Dear Lord is in control - and He will reward Americans willing to fight for our lives.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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