December 7th, 2020 6:19 PM

Dear Friends,

MoneyTeam will pick up a new toy for disadvantaged youngsters in the Los Angeles area. Our TEAM TOT TOY DRIVE begins on Saturday, December 12th until Sunday, December 20th. Please call us to schedule your donation by calling us at


Due to the mandatory lockdown in Los Angeles, we can see you from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM on the days mentioned. Of the 21 years we've had our toy drive, this year has saddened many families as the Coronavirus has created great harm. Children are not in school and this has caused tremendous anxiety for everyone. We are living under circumstances where our peace of mind or where to turn for help is unavailable for many.

The current environment that Los Angeles, this State and America continues to experience, has abruptly lowered our optimism for the future. Our hope is to help the children that have suffered, and a toy from you can bring a smile.

Please assist us by donating a new toy this Christmas, as Jesus will reward you greatly!

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

Posted by Jesse Dorado on December 7th, 2020 6:19 PMPost a Comment

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