May 30th, 2008 6:31 PM

Dear Friends,

I'm truly excited today as we were able to fund a loan that had numerous delays, abrupt guideline changes and additional down payment requirements. With the help of the borrower, the escrow company and both Realtors in this purchase transaction, we were able to resolve the issues and finally close the loan.

In today's mortgage marketplace where every document and information provided is overly scrutinized, this loan presented a victory of sorts. We were able to overcome the obstacles and challenges from the lender. This is just one example of an exercise in TEAMWORK in which we were able to achieve the desired result.  

In my last posting I mentioned the disharmony created by a listing agent in another purchase transaction. It is now my understanding this agent has finally acquiesced to the realities we all now face. This loan has been re-approved with another investor and will fund next week. It's all about TEAMWORK!

Our company was founded in 1989. We decided to name our company MONEYTEAM as we believe that all parties to a mortgage transaction are required to work in unison in order to achieve a smooth and orderly closing. That's been our goal since we've opened our doors.

I also received a call today from the Better Business Bureau of Southern California. We've been a member for many years and the agent mentioned that we've never had a derogatory complaint filed against the company. Such a conversation reaffirms our genuine efforts in pursuing competency and professionalism in the work we do.

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We've notice mortgage rates are starting to go up again. We urge you to have your application in our office in order for us to LOCK your rate.


We mourn the passing of 2 talented men in the entertainment field that have inspired us by their works.

Comedian HARVEY KORMAN, a regular cast member on the Carol Burnett Show. This man kept me laughing to no end! His antics with sidekick Tim Conway were delirious! The entire cast kept me in stitches! Gosh, Harvey was so funny!

Composer EARLE HAGEN. He was known for whistling the theme to The Andy Griffith Show. This program is truly one of my favorites from childhood. The theme music played at the opening & ending credits of the show is a true classic!

Both of these wonderful souls will be remembered for giving us needed comfort from our hectic daily lives. They'll be missed! 

Thanks Again




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