April 14th, 2009 8:35 AM

Dear Friends,

I've been to just 1 Tea Party my entire life! It's been over 10 years since my neighbor invited me to a Tea Party at a local restaurant in Los Angeles. There were cucumber sandwiches and dainty little cakes with all the Tea you could drink! It was fun! I enjoyed myself so much, several months later I was contemplating on opening a Tea House! Well, that idea never got off the ground but I've been an avid Tea drinker since I can remember. My favorites run the gamut from Earl Grey to Mint to Green Teas. I enjoy Tea more than I do coffee, if I say so myself!

On a more serious level, while the main focus on Tea Parties revolves around attempts to harm Americans by the harsh imposition of taxes from local, state and federal governments, we are aware this legislative encroachment is a detriment and a burden for small business and families struggling to make ends meet. There are too many politicians that enjoy playing games with monies earned through the hardwork and toil of taxpayers. It has become commonplace or even pathological for politicians to spend other people's money without a thought to the consequences of such actions. While we may never rid ourselves totally of inept, incompetent or corrupt politicians during our lifetimes, it's always good to try! That's why the Tea Party Tax Revolts throughout America is needed, as these demonstrations will help government officials think twice before implementing additional tax increases. Politicians need to win elections in order to keep power. Our votes have the power to throw them all out on their blessed assurances come 2010!

English Tea has made a lasting impression on historians, specifically with the Boston Tea Party on December 16th, 1773. The colonial settlers were disturbed and agitated by the chronic imposition of taxes by King George. The chant of "Taxation Without Representation" began the chorus which eventually led to America's Independence just several years later. We will know soon enough if participation in a just, magnanimous demonstration of dissent by millions of Americans, will be heard and acted upon by government. If not today or tomorrow but by mid term elections in 2010 the voices of the downtrodden and abused will be heard! 

I will be attending the Tea Party in Santa Monica on Wednesday. Please check the tea party website for gatherings throughout California. The email address is The time has come to end tax abuse. We encourage your participation.

There is a special election on Tuesday, May 19th. The ballot measures 1A through 1F are worded in such a manner as a vote for these measures will end the skirmishes state government encounters every year in balancing the budget. This budget 'reform' is recommended by the Governor and many members of the California legislature.

As always and not surprisingly, the California taxpayer needs to review these ballot measures and VOTE NO on all of them, as the hidden verbiage extends tax increases for an additional 2 years!  No doubt, while the state of California will be bombarded with billboards and advertising promulgating the virtues of 'budget reform' these measures will purport to offer, you must do your 'due diligence' in exposing the true provisions of these ballot initiatives. We recommend you check the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer website for more details on these propositions. 

Many of us have had enough! We rid California of an incompetent Governor in 2003 only to be burdened with a sideshow not worthy of a Best Actor nomination! Leaving sarcasm and cynicism aside, when any government official is unable to tell the truth, the loss of integrity, respect and reputation is the unfortunate consequence.  Sadly, in less than 6 years, this feeling of "deja vu' all over again" is a foregone conclusion in the State of California.

Thanks Again

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