March 12th, 2014 8:56 PM

Dear Friends,

The other day I began daydreaming about a time and place that is quickly dissolving from present reality. I am grateful that at my age, I have the ability to remember an America that frankly, no longer exists. 

I enjoyed the simplest of pleasures when our neighbor, my brothers and I traveled the 'country roads' near Ann Arbor, Michigan. I recall John Denver singing, 'Country Roads, Take Me Home'
on the car radio and the entire afternoon made for a great excursion to a locale that I've never been before. While this may be a miniscule event in a long life of activities, I am delighted to have a wonderful memory such as this.

Forty some odd years later, I drive around the Los Angeles area on a regular basis, to meet with clients, realtors and to complete my daily errands, which might take me to the grocery store, gas station or to the dry cleaners. While these trips are planned and necessary, I have come across the 'elephant' in the middle of the road, blocking my ability to enjoy a pleasant disposition.

It is not uncommon for one to encounter attempts of road rage by impatient drivers, prolonged stop and go traffic, blaring police sirens and the chronic stress of arriving at a destination on schedule. Far worse though, is the scenery of panhandlers, homeless families living on the streets or those living in their cars by surviving the only way these poor souls know how. When I see this as a common occurrence, the sadness of their affliction has a profound effect on me.

For those of us who are sincere in our convictions in which the pain and suffering we are viewing is wrong, we are silenced by a media that has no soul, a government that has no values and business interests that have no virtue. I for one, can become excited or withdrawn whenever the chronic realities of living becomes apparent. When a nation is subjected to the mental illness manifested by sociopaths in powerful positions on a daily basis, the nation loses its capacity for compassion. The repercussions of such behavior has an effect on the culture associated with this decline, thereby having a direct effect on youngsters seeking role models or guidance, striving to live a life of integrity and humility in a cesspool of indifference. 
I have always considered myself an 'eternal optimist'. Unfortunately, the damage which continues to destroy the fabric of this nation has altered our lives. Freedom has been reduced. Privacy is non-existent and the value of our relationships are mired in regret. No wonder that my despondency is in full bloom, while the trials of a nation without substance, strings along without purpose. The life in this new 'transformed' America has no meaning. The righteous convictions which created the cornerstone of American values is in short supply, and in need of resurrection.
My frustration level has hit the charts. It's rare for me to foster an approach towards 'doom and gloom' without the capacity of discernment. But for today, let's hope we can all recognize our lives are profound.
 The time has arrived to take me home!

Thanks Again

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