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MoneyTeam is offering Super Jumbo loans of up to $15,000,000 or more. If you are seeking financing for loan amounts of this size, we are able to provide competitive rates and quick underwriting approvals. Good credit, cash reserves and employment history are the prerequisites for this type of financing.

Please check our website periodically for additional details in regards to rates, fees and loan programs we offer for Super Jumbo financing.


* Loan Amounts Of $2,000,000 To $10,000,000 Or More

* 5/1 ARM @ 3.875%

* 7/1 ARM 3.750%

* 10/1 ARM @ 3.750%

* 15/15 FIXED @ 3.750% 

* 30/30 FIXED @ 3.875%

* Fico Credit Score Minimum of 720

* Owner Occupied

* 6 Months PITI In Reserves

*80% LTV

* Loans Over $2,500,000
Similar Requirements Except Maximum 75% Or Up To 80% LTV
On A Case To Case Basis.
For much lower rates not mentioned here, a deposit banking relationship may be required. Please ask for details.

*Check Our Rate Sheet For APR - Rates Quoted are at 1 Point
APR - Annual Percentage Rate Calculated On $2 Million Loan Amount
Rates Quoted 3/11/2020 & Subject To Change Daily*

MONEYTEAM also offers NO POINT/NO FEES on SUPER JUMBO financing.
Please call our office for details.

Please check our office at 323-350-5759 or by email at moneyteamusa@aol.com  for more details on your specific loan request and our current rates.

 Thanks Again