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Dear Friends,
There is no need for panic, or to protest without understanding the true facts in regards to the new President implementing the promises he made during the campaign. Whatever the issue, this man is keeping his policy pronouncements.
Debate is always a factor in a 'democracy' but an intelligent, logical and responsible dialogue without terror filled expletives are encouraged by genuine voices, not paid demonstrators.

Dear Friends,
The General Election has chosen new leaders for America. I've written extensively on how we can change the current status of despondency in regards to undemocratic principles espoused by government officials and their supporters.
The letter below was written some time ago.
 The Election results have given many Americans a reason for hope.
Do not be discouraged and let's hope for the best!

Dear Friends,
Our TeamBlog celebrated its 9th year in July of 2016!
I am excited about this anniversary as our readership has expanded to such a degree, that our posts are now noticed by thousands of concerned Americans.
While the TeamBlog has gradually changed its focus to question policy decisions that have caused hardship among many, I will continue to address the issues that are shaping the ability to pursue our freedoms without encroachment.
I do not belong to a political party, as I've come to the sad conclusion, both parties have lost the courage to end the purge associated with the loss of our personal sovereignty. I try not to generalize, but there are only a few members of Congress that have spoken up and denounced the descent into lawlessness that has become a reality in today's society.
Notwithstanding, in the TeamBlog, I devote my time in writing
a compilation of thoughts, observances and solutions to end the juggernaut that began several years ago, in which our government and accomplices are unable to distinguish right from wrong.
 In regards to my current beliefs, I rely on an ability to see the facts from both angles and determine the wisest outcome. I do not possess the awesome wisdom of Solomon as revealed in Scripture, nor does any of today's contemporaries, but to humbly pray for wisdom in our lives is a request that can conquer all challenges. Perhaps, one must be able to see the landscape of success or failure from a distance and have the ability to discern the truth. Common sense, experience and the study of human nature, can only lead towards decisions that offer a reflection of integrity, thought and maturity. Unfortunately, this careful and methodical process is no longer practiced with persons of authority in government, media or big business.
It is my concern there are powerful forces concentrating their efforts to completely change our way of life. The horror of a nation without the capacity to live in freedom or to completely depend on government for one's livelihood, is an observation that needs to be discussed by everyone. The search for the truth is the revival that is required, to end a culture without substance and a government without purpose.
The terror that descended in San Bernardino, California on December 2nd of 2015 and in Orlando on June 12th of 2016 can be considered a symptom of the crisis in security that continues to change our lives. The terrorist attacks throughout the world by evil forces must be destroyed!
While the unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13th, 2016, reinforces a strong sense of anxiety for those who appreciate freedom and independence. The fundamental liberties we've always known can be forfeited by a 1 vote majority on the High Court.
The General Election of 2016 will be considered the most important election in modern American history.
Let's Save America Today!
Jesse Dorado
Thanks again for your continuous support.