June 20th, 2008 6:37 AM


Dear Friends,

The other day I was confronted again with the sad and depressing news pertaining to the mortgage industry and the economy in general. I needed an escape! I needed to alleviate the chronic stress in my mind associated with such developments. All of a sudden, I came across an old casette of one of my favorite singers of all time - Frank Sinatra! I said to myself, gosh, Ol'  Blue Eyes can make me feel better again! Well, I listened to Frank and relished the wonderful memories associated with listening to my favorite Sinatra song ever - 'Summer Wind'!

This song takes me back - way back to a time & place of joyful abandon! There are so many songs, not just from Frank, but from other artists that can take someone back to events of serendipity! Such nostalgia can bring tears to your eyes! This might be silly to some but 'Summer Wind' is able to provide a temporary comfort I need during these trying times.

We all need a harmless escape from such chronic bad news now and then. Whether it be music, a walk in the park, going to a movie or prayer, these are just a few examples which can help make our circumstances bearable, for at least a few hours.

In thinking about Frank, there are so many top notch artists that can take you back to a previous generation. I grew up in Detroit and have many fond music memories of Motown!

Well, it's that time again to confront the problems at hand and shake off any sense of complacency. In order to remedy your financial situation, there has to be a plan of action. In several previous TEAMBLOGS we've mentioned strategies to combat the effects of the mortgage meltdown. If you are facing FORECLOSURE, please contact our office as we will do our best to suggest methods or options which could help you overcome these problems. We're here to help.

Today is June 20th - the 1st day of Summer! The next several months can be an eternity if you are involved with financial challenges. Most importantly, remember to do the little things to alleviate stress in your life. Your health is too important to neglect!

I'll be humming 'Summer Wind' and flying my kite on the beach this weekend! I hope to find you there! 

A Few Lyrics from 'Summer Wind'

The summer wind, came blowin' in from across the sea

It lingered there to touch your hair and walk with me

All summer long, we sang a song and then we strolled that golden sand

Two sweethearts and the summer wind

Thanks Again



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