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July 15th, 2015 4:04 PM

Dear Friends,
This Summer, I've decided to spend some time reading about how one can live and reenforce a life full of harmony, direction and purpose. Above all, I pray for wisdom and seek a peace beyond all understanding. Certainly, the contentment one can find in a society full of distractions will take time, but this Summer I will start again to recognize the attributes and values that I've known and embraced since childhood and in the lives of others.
To understand a vision that implements a higher calling and relinquishes all banal attempts of affliction, can only provide the incentive to see the world and one's life as a force for good. In the final analysis, each and everyone of us are on a short journey, fighting various obstacles along the way in order to reach our destination. After one's last breath, there will be a reflection of a person's contributions. A determination of one's legacy will be known by those that were affected by the force of personality and character of the individual bestowed with mercy - finally summoned by the grace of God to live an everlasting life.
Notwithstanding, I've also become intrigued with prophetic and fascinating accounts of destiny, as written in detailed passages of the Holy Bible.
As I get older, it seems I've become intrinsically aware of my surroundings and the numerous trials I've been subjected to endure. I'm grateful for not being afflicted with memory loss as I would not have the capacity to differentiate the motivations of those obfuscating the truth in all endeavors. Certainly, similar occurrences are experienced by those I've come in contact throughout my travels.
At this time in history, our nation is on a collective journey in rediscovering its soul. Perhaps, all Americans can come to understand and appreciate that our lives are literally not our own.
To be a US citizen, either born in this country or naturalized, a responsibility to uphold democratic and moral principles, are prerequisites for the freedoms many Americans have lost their lives for us to enjoy. America is a country that is under attack from powerful forces within its own government, the media, business interests, including purveyors of corruption, hatred and divisiveness. This is a time when America has lost its way, and the consequences of its indulgence are happening now - while major events in the not so distant future are scheduled and are forthcoming, towards our eventual demise.

The first book that I will be reading this Summer is written by Dr. Charles Stanley,
"Living the Extraordinary Life."
Many of us that appreciate his works through regular television and radio broadcasts with an immense inspirational library, can easily attest to Dr. Stanley's steadfast faith, discernment and wisdom. It goes without saying there are numerous challenges that we must face in order to overcome inequities. In order to celebrate our lives, we interact with those we've invited as companions on a journey, in which we can make a difference in the lives of others as well as our own. I need to be reminded that will all the problems I may have, there are principles that will be revealed in my search as a recompense, in my ability to live an extraordinary life.

The second book that has caught my eye is "The Harbinger", written by Jonathan Cahn.
This book was released several years ago but I was always fascinated by its subject matter, as I've noticed Mr. Cahn on various shows and videos exploring the biblical mysteries of past events and the future it holds. The book outlines with pinpoint accuracy, the major circumstances that have occurred in the world throughout recorded time and in America. The warnings are to be taken seriously, as the hour has come that our lives will be deeply affected by the actions of incoherent souls dismantling civilization before our very eyes.

The third and last book was also written by Jonathan Cahn.
"The Mystery of the Shemitah"
, is indeed a fascinating account of a mysterious presence that foretells the progression of events. These circumstances have been witnessed by the entire world and additional events are scheduled to create turmoil and anxiety in financial markets, the rise and fall of nations and the destinies of everyone on Earth. America is a major source of disapproval due to its conscious withdrawal of Judeo-Christian principles. Among other catastrophic events in September, the last Red Blood Moon is earmarked for a major shift in the destinies of those that have espoused inarticulate and destructive methods of harm and abuse in their spheres of influence. Oppression, greed, avarice and other disastrous vices are never rewarded. The day of reckoning is coming soon.
To live a life of substance can prepare anyone for the distress we have and will encounter at a moments notice.
It's always good advice to be prepared, as trust and the truth is rarely found in a broken world and in a broken nation.
May God in his infinite wisdom, help us all.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on July 15th, 2015 4:04 PMPost a Comment

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