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June 1st, 2019 7:28 AM

Dear Friends,

I will be reading at least 2 books over the Summer and would love to have the chance to read other books, but I have an inclination I'll be indisposed due to travels over the next few months.

I will be at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Ca on Saturday, June 8th, as the Library will honor a lecture and book signing for Mark Levin's newest book, Unfreedom Of The Press. All Americans must truly come to the realization the current media no longer believes in a professional 'code of ethics' as censorship of conservative ideals has become prevalent. The Freedom of Speech has been attacked by leftist activists throughout America and has tormented one's ability to speak freely without consternation. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution affords all citizens the right of expression, which also includes religious liberty, peaceful assembly and the right to petition the government for an injustice that has been perpetrated. This country has witnessed the obfuscation of freedom by social media, the press, at universities and other methods of deception by various court jurisdictions. This travesty in reducing the rights to free speech is abhorrent, and must be exorcised from our society in order for a democratic republic to exist as originally devised.

The 2nd Book that I will be reading is by author Matthew Kelly. I've read several of his inspiring books over the years and The Biggest Lie In The History Of Christianity offers insights on how we can live life to its fullest! When we decide to fulfill our obligations by becoming the best we can be by our contributions through 'Holy Moments', our lives will indeed flourish!  In one of the chapters of Matthew's book is entitled to 'Live An Intriguing Life'. All of us have the opportunity to delight our family and friends by living in serendipity this Summer and in years to come!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Mark Levin @ The Ronald Reagan Foundation & Institute


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Posted by Jesse Dorado on June 1st, 2019 7:28 AMPost a Comment

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