July 22nd, 2011 8:04 AM

Dear Friends,

The other day one of my neighbors boisterously knocked on my front door eager to hear my reaction in what he heard on the radio. He mentioned the President would halt Social Security payments if the debt ceiling was not agreed upon by the August 2nd deadline imposed by the US Treasury. I did my best to reassure Johnny, a man in his early 70's, that he will continue to receive his monthly Social Security check of $750. It is a sad day indeed when a President must feel compelled to abrogate the sacred trust of all Americans in efforts to win a compromise in a negotiation. Lest we remember the monies in question are earned and are placed in trust. These benefits are earmarked for Seniors and those in the Military and are to be paid on time, regardless of what the President the Secretary of the Treasury or anyone in Congress says about it.

A couple of weeks ago Americans received discouraging news about the economic misfortunes of millions as the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. Only 18,000 jobs were created in June. We also became aware of the increasing numbers of adults seeking unemployment benefits hovering over 421,000 on a 4 week average basis.

So far this week there were 23,000 jobs lost as Cisco, Lockheed Martin and Borders granted pink slips through downsizing or bankruptcy. These newest figures continue to depress Americans financially and emotionally.

After 30 years, the Space Shuttle program ended its mission yesterday, July 21st. It is my understanding the complete Space program will no longer be operational due to the powerful actions of those presently in government. While the previous administration suggested the Shuttle program be replaced by newer and more innovative attempts of space flight through the Constellation program, the reality we face today is the abandonment of such worthwhile and inspiring efforts. Over 4500 NASA employees this week lost their jobs. While the support staff of NASA will no longer bring home a paycheck to support themselves or their families, the same plight begins anew for others in the work force. Whether they are business owners, patrons and those who are in direct or indirect contact with the Space program itself, job losses for members of this community are inevitable. It is a sad day when the dream of Space exploration for so many Americans has abruptly come to an end, while the former Soviet Union can claim victory thorough its prolonged perseverance as the newest force in the heavens. I can just imagine the reaction of our beloved JFK, if he were alive today.

There are so many homeless people here in Los Angeles. One can come across neighborhoods where one can walk or drive towards a destination, only to discover panhandlers, men lying on sidewalks or grabbing for food out of garbage bins. From a distance you can view makeshift tents made out of cardboard and grocery carts full of bottles, cans and newspapers. These items hold value as income, once recycled.

It would not be an exaggeration on any given day for me to see a sign held by a Veteran alerting passersby that any donation would be appreciated. Whether to find lodging for the night or to come across monies for a meal, the sight of a US War Veteran seeking sustenance in such a manner is disturbing. This country owes a debt of gratitude for those that have enlisted in the armed forces by sacrificing their youth for our freedom. The trauma of combat and the psychological effects which permeate through a soldier's interaction with himself and with others, can be considered a direct result of homelessness for many Veterans. As a nation we need to offer these men the care, compassion and respect they have dutiful earned.

During the past several weeks I've noticed an onslaught of graffiti on businesses near where I live. I never understood the motivation of desecrating property in such a manner. I would surmise this is an ongoing concerted effort by misguided and intellectually debased messengers of an empty culture. Their attempts to gain recognition by spray painting symbols on commercial buildings, offers no intrinsic value nor worthwhile meaning for its justification. It is frustrating to view such markings, where for the third or fourth time in as many weeks, one of the building owners has tried unsuccessfully to repaint the area where graffiti has found its niche. This property owner must be wondering what good is it to be in business where such damage is a weekly occurrence. 

In my travels throughout Southern California, I've also noticed an increase in empty buildings for lease. I passed through one of my favorite areas near the Coast and I was dismayed to see more than a half dozen businesses side by side abandoned with 'for rent' signs. I have seen these real estate signs posted in neighborhoods where just a few blocks away, there are homes valued in the millions!

It is not uncommon for me to be awakened by the distant but ever present sound of police sirens during the early morning hours. I have no need for an alarm clock as I have come to rely on this almost daily ritual as my 6 AM wake up call. As I write this, I am able to hear the whirling of a helicopter overhead. This is just another example or a reminder that it's time to shower, get dressed and prepare breakfast for the busy day ahead.  

For many of us, this current chapter in American history has become our Summer of Discontent. One notices the empty baseless speeches of prosperity fantasies, mediocre attempts to inspire citizens in efforts to overcome current challenges and the failure of the 4th estate to investigate and document the corruption which has led this nation towards ruin. The main cast of characters in government, business and the media has continued their onslaught of shelving the American Dream through an unrelenting embrace of censorship and duplicity combined with elements of incompetence. Government encroachment in our sovereignty and the gross intervention of regulation in business, has created the loss of confidence in the marketplace. The free enterprise system is no longer free or thriving, due to the inept understanding and/or the willful tweaking of capitalism by the current power structures America has unwittingly allowed in its stead. The harm to our way of life knows no boundaries. The time has arrived to end the deception of those eager to transform a great nation, into a banana republic.

Foreclosure Postponement

In the TeamBlog entry 'Summer Doldrums', I did not mention the scourge of madness which has enveloped this country through foreclosures. Last year foreclosure recordings were over 1 Million. This year the likelihood of similar statistics is a reality. 

In our efforts to help homeowners facing the loss of their property, MoneyTeam has begun a new service to postpone the Trustee Sale Date by at least 30 days. This can provide the time required to complete a negotiation with one's lender for a loan modification, a sale of the property or to accommodate a short sale of the premises. Please check our webpage - Foreclosure Postponement - for more details. We want to help you.

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