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May 5th, 2013 7:27 PM

Dear Friends,

The events that have transpired since our last post, has elevated a profound insecurity in the hearts of Americans. For discerning law abiding citizens, the Boston Marathon bombings has traumatized many, as this nation comes to grips with a reality of terrorism that never seems to end. On a quarterly basis, America is immersed in a collective experience where terror holds a nation hostage, while outrage and shock permeates our senses where the dismantling of civil liberties has become the solution.

While powerful sources in government with the complicity of a moribund media are eager to impose its will to circumvent the Constitution, the cauldron of contempt for the traditions of a great nation are at risk. The transformation we as Americans are witnessing and forced to accept, is a harbinger for the catastrophe that will destroy the fundamentals of a nation from within. The chronic display of hubris from sources we have unwittingly elected or have given a voice to represent our interests, are no longer credible and are seeking destruction in the manner Americans have enjoyed their lives.

Freedom from the encroachment of government is a concept that has found favor from the beginning. The Founding Fathers understood the machinations of tyranny and declared its allegiance in forming a 'most perfect union', so abuse and despotic attempts would never manifest. We are living in dangerous times as our representatives in government and the media have conspired to direct this nation on a path where the will of the people is no longer viewed as sacrosanct.

You must begin to comprehend the totality of what is happening in this country. The events that have occurred during the past year or since 9/11 are unusual and disturbing. The bombings in Boston has made it possible for the enactment of martial law. While the full arm of law enforcement was administered to apprehend one of the suspects, the successful implementation of shutting down a major city for hours, has become the example of an operation to explore in the not so distant future. Such a procedure will be dissected for accuracy and reviewed as a highly valued textbook for those seeking to employ its findings.

While many of us dearly love America. many discerning voices are thoroughly disenchanted with our current elected officials and those in the media. The lack of character, honesty and integrity has made its presence known, as the daily toll of abuse is widely accepted as commonplace. The great mismanagement of this country from the top down. has done damage to its beloved citizens as the faith in the 'American Dream' has become the 'American Disaster'. It has been reported the devastating anxiousness and despair of those seeking to live their lives from the effects of abusive policies, has elevated the number of suicides in all age brackets. This reality is a consequence of the moral decay that has gained acceptance by corrupt and powerful advocates. Their policies are meant to spread and inflict harm, in order to gain political advantage. 

Mediocre, self indulgent, mentally unstable politicians and their accomplices are exercising their power to erect a vision of a nation devoid of Judeo-Christian values. While it is said that many believers are slow to anger, the deep sleep in which one is finally fully awakened, is on the horizon.

Truly, our thoughts and prayers are directed at the families and friends that have lost their loved ones and those that are casualties of such senseless violence.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on May 5th, 2013 7:27 PMPost a Comment

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