January 29th, 2015 9:14 PM

Dear Friends,
As we age, the experiences that have formed the character we build and display in our daily lives, can be recognized by those we have invited to enter our presence. I do my best to be a light where there is darkness, in my capacity to lift the outlook of those unable to view the future with hope or optimism. When the American people are misled and unwilling to believe pronouncements of good fortune by those we've entrusted to represent our interests, trust is no longer a virtue that inspires confidence.
As a citizen of this country, you are aware the State of the Union is an address recited by the head of the US government to inform all Americans of its grand accomplishments or its wishes to promote policies or activities deemed beneficial for the entire nation. For the past 6 or 7 years, these yearly speeches have become a soliloquy in delusion, in which one's imagination has betrayed its fascination for the truth. The cynicism one encounters when viewing this contrivance, forms the environment which springs contempt for those involved in such deceptive practices. The triumvirate of government, media and business entities unwilling to promote the pursuit of democratic principles and its usurpation of the Constitution, has enabled a minority of Americans to unravel the rule of law. The circumstances that have allowed the gradual and methodical destruction of America for the past 50 + years, has taken its toll.
The American people no longer view their government with respect, as government no longer respects the American people. As of today, the truth is nowhere to be found or acknowledged by those in authority, as this nation's inhabitants live an existence saddened by the the lack of substance and honesty of others, while the loss of purpose in one's lives is a burden that has no solution.

When the American people hear the head of this government proclaim the state of this nation is in good hands, the chambers of the mind contracts, and at once it is reminded of the factors that instill its protection, by its startling recognition of unbelief.
The loss of one's sovereignty by manipulation, is the calling card for manifesting one's dependence on government for everything. Deception of this magnitude begins its illusion, as false attempts of compassion focused on sober, hard working Americans, can only dredge up behaviors of self indulgence that are dormant and rarely explored.
America has an $18 Trillion dollar deficit, 92 Million citizens out of the work force and 46 Million citizens on food stamps. Concurrently, the security of this nation is intentionally placed at risk by an incoherent foreign policy and the opening of its borders which allows illegal immigrants to enter the US without restraint. These are just a few of the numerous situations that have jeopardized our freedoms, has changed the culture by a scurrilous transformation never envisioned by discerning Americans, and has made this nation unrecognizable since its inception.

As an avid student of American history, I inevitably come across a sampling of past salient events that portray the American character, during times of trial and triumph. Just the other day I viewed the Farewell Speech given to the nation on January 17th, 1961.
The 34th President understood the challenges that America must undertake to save our lives from attempts to invalidate democratic principles, in our unrelenting pursuit for security. His words of wisdom conveys the interactions we as Americans have with others, and the consequences we will face, when we are not true to our convictions.
Once we lift ourselves from fears and insecurities free of abusive impediments, our mental faculties are energized and the will to live again, is finally restored.
Thanks Again

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