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March 31st, 2010 11:23 PM

Dear Friends,

From the last TeamBlog, I was scheduled to continue my writing on the newest law of the land, but I decided to forego such a depressive topic and instead, resurrect my natural and ebullient optimism for life that I'm well known for! With this as my tonic for inspiration of the soul, I began my physical regimen by jumping for joy! As a big man weighing over 270 pounds, I might have created a sizeable earthquake in Los Angeles only to view my collection of BobbleHeads, Mr. Magoo, William Shakespeare and my Hawaiian Hula Dancers wobbling uncontrollably seeking a dancing companion! Oh well, my enthusiasm for a change from the chronic dysfunctional members we hear so often in residence in Washington and other sycophants scattered throughout the country, this alone, has energized my disposition and confidence that all circumstances will in time have a fortunate outcome.

Spring has sprung and I'm truly happy we are now in a Season where the Sun shines brighter, the grass is greener, flowers bloom in all colors, the bountiful smell of the Season abounds and folks are ready to end a hibernation where a winter of discontent can be considered a distant memory. Such an occurrence can be revisited in the back of our minds once we're reminded of an actual or daily encounter from a past association. Nonetheless, we all know these problems will eventually solve themselves when the courage to change the status quo and the silent wisdom of a good majority of Americans finally kicks in.    

It's hard for many in this nation to get up everyday to look for work when jobs are scarce, when bills continue to pile up and there's no food on the table nor the ability to pay the mortgage. Consequences are disastrous as foreclosures, bankruptcies and chronic anxiety are holdovers of previous Seasons with no end in sight. The only solace one has, to overcome these obstacles, is to seek the guidance of a higher source. In my life the Good Lord provides the comfort I need. Once again, not just in times of anxiety or difficulty, I've embraced the values of patience, humility and forgiveness. Without them I would be unable to live in a society where at times honesty and the truth in all matters of importance are either obscured or difficult to find. While the debate for the soul of this country continues, perhaps the struggles and challenges of Americans during this Great Recession will make this a better nation after all.

Mortgage Rates Are Rising Again

We have noticed an increase in mortgage rates during the past few weeks. Economists are starting to worry that many investors are losing their desire to purchase Treasuries. This current mindset is due to the overwhelming government debt and the consequences this situation will create in the future. We urge you to review our current rates and pricing policy on our website. As always, we will meet or beat any advertising fixed conforming mortgage rate. The rates posted change daily. If you are a 'shopper', we welcome your comparison. Please call our office at 323-936-3232 and you might be pleasantly surprised.

The Governor Has Arrived

On an upcoming TeamBlog, I will be discussing the ramifications of health care reform. Since this legislation was signed into law last week, the American people are beginning to dissect the provisions and the mandates this law provides. While an estimated 32 million Americans are now covered by health insurance, at what price has this new law divided the country?

Holy Week

Our office will be closed on Friday, April 2nd for Good Friday. MoneyTeam will reopen at 12 Noon on Monday, April 5th. We wish everyone a Happy Easter!  

Thanks Again

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