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March 20th, 2020 9:46 AM

Dear Friends,

Yesterday officially began the Season of Spring. Many of us may not have noticed, as the Coronavirus outbreak has 'taken all the oxygen out of the room' in where we live. Here in California, the stress and anxiety many of its residents are facing has intensified, as the Governor of the State has mandated that 40 Million of its citizens must stay home. To prevent the outbreak of the virus from spreading, this executive order is a recurring reminder that our lives face a tremendous disruption that will affect our ability to engage in activities that highlights one's gregarious personality.

Notwithstanding, the abrupt immersion of this order to live a semi monastic life, has factors that can quiet the storm by its capacity to guide our path through meditation, contemplation and solitude. The circumstances that have occurred are profound, as we can utilize this time in our lives by restoring the substance of our characters that have been dormant or under siege for a long period of time. The world moves quickly and does not offer most of us a scheduled time for reflection. While our lives will rapidly change by an unplanned sacrifice such as this, one will also be exposed to external events that has the capacity to ironically improve the quality of life, if understood correctly.

Parents will know their children better. Hopefully, animosities one may have for others can be forgiven as the precious meaning of life is embraced. The overwhelming power of prayer will resuscitate our disposition for kindness, as we are genuinely concerned for the health and wellbeing of our family, friends, neighbors, America and the world. Even though mortality is an occurrence that never ends, the Coronavirus pandemic will remind us that 'Life Is Worth Living'. I am of the humble opinion this entire virus situation that's facing the world and its remedies by staying home or social distancing, is just a chapter of our lives that has been predetermined by Providence. There's a reason mankind must go through this experience. The Coronavirus began in China under scurrilous moral infractions by Communist Government authorities, in misleading the world of the outbreak that has spread the virus throughout the globe. The coverup has tormented everyone on all continents by the rise in infections and deaths. There will be a providential reckoning for disconcerting decisions that allowed this pandemic to spread.

On a spiritual level, the entire world will come to a realization that we must overcome evil wherever the contempt for the human condition is discovered. I am not a Pastor, but my faith has invoked a pronounced revelation that our lives are determined by the love and compassion we have for everyone we encounter. Our Dear Lord in His infinite wisdom, views our lives 'from a distance'. For the Coronavirus attack to dominate as the Spring Season begins, is a sign that our purpose in life and our destiny will be revealed and bloom under the most difficult circumstances. Our Almighty God is in control. Be positive, pray and reinvigorate your life by the love you can give.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Life Is Worth Living - Venerable Bishop Fulton J Sheen


From A Distance - Bette Midler


From A Distance - Ronan Tynan


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Posted by Jesse Dorado on March 20th, 2020 9:46 AMPost a Comment

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