February 23rd, 2020 5:22 PM

Dear Friends,

I'm truly saddened this country is seeking to transform a democratic republic into a socialist nation. The victory of several contests to determine the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee by an avowed Socialist/Communist, has heightened the awareness of Americans. When you have a political party, a media devoid of journalistic ethics, along with leftist supporters of a radical ideology contrary to democratic beliefs, I am bewildered. Many of these individuals are of a younger American generation that have not endured the suffering of a socialist or communist entity that has a disconcerting control of one's life. As an American born in communist Cuba, my thoughts in this regard are legitimate and true. I am convinced the powerful prayers of discerning Americans will provide the education and remedy required, to end the overwhelming disruption of life we've become accustomed to. I would surmise the attainment of liberty and freedom is the basis of our values enthralled in the Constitution. The time has come to re-educate this country with the unvarnished facts. Anyone with the ability to reason will come to the rational conclusion, that capitalism sustains the values that are recognized and appreciated by us all.

Therefore, I have decided to be a 'voice in the wilderness' as I devote my time and altruistic efforts to intelligently disclose the perils of socialism. I am truly familiar with the effects of an ideology that has caused great pain and suffering throughout world history. I am now compelled to write several posts on various aspects of socialism before the 2020 General Election.

The following topics to be explored in SOCIALISM 101:

1. Its history

2. Countries that have SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST governments today

3. Consequences faced by citizens 

4. Why is SOCIALISM heralded as a domestic solution for problem solving in America? 

5. Why has the Democratic Party and its candidates promote SOCIALIST policies?

6. The appeal of SOCIALISM by a younger generation of Americans

7. The failure of education in promoting SOCIALISM on college campuses

8. The effects of SOCIALISM in my personal experience

I hope these topics will reveal the horrors of an ideology that has never elevated the human condition in recorded history.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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