October 31st, 2008 8:57 AM

Dear Friends,

This coming Tuesday, November 4th, is decision day! By next Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, we will have a new President! The powers bestowed on either Senator by the American electorate will be the beginning of a new era. This election is considered momentous as it is estimated over 130 million Americans will cast their ballots. The direction of this country will be in the hands of our newly elected government officials. The decisions made by these men and women will have a great impact in the ability to solve the numerous challenges this nation faces.

At this time in our history, the US economy has created an untold amount of hardships. Many Americans feel vulnerable and unable to show a sense of optimism for their futures. The continued trauma of losing one's job, home or health has given some of us a sullen and melancholy disposition. The events of the past year has reenforced an outlook of despair where none existed.

The burdens we face today are a direct result of the participation of dishonest and inept administrators in their pursuits of greed and profit at all costs. The power yielded by those in Congress and in our financial institutions by their actions, has done irrevocable damage to the soul of this great nation.

With this backdrop, many Americans are suffering emotionally, spiritually and of course financially, as we are reminded daily of burdens which have no immediate solutions. One wonders at the meanspiritedness of those in the chain of deception that has harmed our peace of mind. Many also blame themselves for their real estate purchases, overextended lifestyles and the predisposition of camaraderie which was manifested by the examples of avarice demonstrated by peers and those in the upper echelons of power. The culture of American society with all of its vices, shallowness and cult of celebrity has enveloped the demand for riches without patience nor sacrifice.

In regards to the financial meltdown and the subprime mortgage mess which started it all - at this late date - several days before the General Election - there are Americans unaware of the specific reasons, details, opinions or actions of the individuals which have impacted their daily lives. With the complicity of the media, there has been a concerted attempt to conceal these facts in order for journalists to gain favor towards a particular candidate or party affiliation. This predisposition has undermined the integrity of journalism and many of its reporters are now open to scrutiny or doubt to the veracity of coverage on any subject. Unfortunately, the after effects which has resulted in the suffering of many Americans throughout this financial escapade and the Presidential campaign, has brought about the gradual disintegration of journalism as a basis for inclusion in one's daily life. The concept of a free, unbiased and independent media has been jeopardized to the detriment of all Americans.

As the owner of a mortgage company for 19 years and as a participant in the mortgage industry for the past 26 years, I know full well the truth of the circumstances which resulted in the criminal actions harming our economic system.

While the mischief created by our own countrymen is sad to report, we need to be aware of the thoughts and actions many Americans are contemplating in order to alleviate the struggles brought about by their current circumstances. 

There are Americans who place their hope and desires on government to solve their financial problems. A victim mentality, a desire to reap the benefits of additional government bail outs or eagerness to embrace a philosophy of redistributing the wealth, these examples of thought are beginning to sound palatable to those exhausted in efforts to live by the Golden Rule in order to acquire the American Dream. 

We must be careful and ever vigilant in our desires for a quick resolution to our financial burdens. Americans throughout its 232 year history have demonstrated an uncanny ability to begin anew. Most of us are optimistic about the future. We are known to sacrifice for higher ideals. We need to be reminded many Americans have lost their lives for us. The financial problems we are enduring today is temporary. If members of our Armed Forces will sacrifice their lives for us, we need to appreciate our lives and end the discouragement hampering our natural optimism.  Any decision we make on Election Day will impact the future for years to come. The same wisdom of the ages is still thriving and seeks renewal. There are Americans - the numbers are not known at this time - that are willing to embrace their heartfelt altrusistic desires by beleiving in a simple concept.

By helping others you ultimately help yourself.

I know that on Election Day, many Americans will review the Scriptures for the Chapter and Verse which will mention the journey we as a society will take. In a few days, we will know full well the number of Americans that have decided to seek country first.   

Thanks Again

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