March 24th, 2018 6:43 PM

Dear Friends,

During the past several weeks, Americans have become accustomed to viewing maneuvers by powerful forces that are devised to engage debate in a nation divided. We are living within a society that continues to endure in conflict - and albeit perseveres when the sky is perceived to be falling.


The Chief Executive has decided to terminate members of his administration for individuals he perceives have a similar ideology, are considered loyal and are competent in pursuits to represent the best interests of the American people. While there has been a 'revolving door' in which resignations and terminations has become a common occurrence, one may come to the hasty conclusion the President has disclosed an inability to judge one's fundamental convictions. We must remember he has never held public office. In theory and in practical terms, he is considered an independent outsider without constraints. His financial portfolio is effectively utilized to hold any circumstance in which extortion or scandal would compromise decisions that would benefit the American people. Notwithstanding, I assume the President-Elect was advised by conflicting forces to hire government office staff members, Cabinet secretaries and agents in national security that prescribe to policies contrary to his embedded ideology of governance. As of today, we are learning the true motivations of those within a government establishment eager to harm this President at every turn. The leaking of sensitive classified information is just one example where the 'deep state' has inflicted its revulsion for a man duly elected by the American people.

I had a similar practical experience many years ago. I was hired to run a loan origination branch at a Savings & Loan. I was highly recommended for this position as my background and success in loan production was noted by favorable testimonials of my peers.  Once hired, I took control, as I imposed a 90 day probation period so that I could ascertain if their originations were satisfactory. I also had to determine their strengths and weaknesses to determine their disposition for success. After this period, I reviewed all the factors and made the decisions necessary to raise the loan and production levels of the branch. Terminations occurred  Of all the responsibilities and actions in my time at the bank, firing an employee was truly a painful and emotional undertaking. While this is an unfortunate development in one's life, one's termination must be done respectably in person


The Stock Market has been topsy-turvy due to the various activities of a perceived trade war once the President imposed tariffs on goods coming into this country. One has to have an intelligent and logical understanding of the treacherous and unbalanced economic policies of nations eager to take advantage of American industries. There is a history of financial behavior that undermines the economic stability of American workers. Past government administrations, corrupt politicians and fraudulent based business concerns have utilized their power to promulgate trade imbalances to elevate their incomes, while Americans are displaced and forfeit their jobs. The time has come for all Americans to purchase products made in this country. Fair trade interactions with nations is the foremost objective to restore opportunities and jobs lost from years of unethical activities.

There are vituperative attempts to destroy the Chief Executive by an imaginary, false and corrupt association with Russia. This no holds barred investigation continues unabated, due to powerful forces of clandestine support in the government bureaucracy, the media, an opposition political party and defective misinformed entities. This collusion theory in which the 2016 Presidential candidate and his staff conspired with the Russian government and/or its operatives to obfuscate the election to deny the Democratic nominee of the Presidency, is defamatory and deceptive in its proposition. The American people decided it would be best to trust a successful businessman over a disgraced member of a government establishment. At this juncture, I do not consider myself as a clairvoyant, however, this President will be re-elected in 2020 as his promises will come to fruition. The economy - is just one example of the enormous success that has helped many Americans conquer their financial misfortunes.


The $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill signed by the President on Friday is considered to be a grave error. Conservative talk radio hosts and pundits have concluded the signing of this legislation will hamper domestic and economic efforts for the foreseeable future. Substantial funds to construct a wall to separate illegal immigration of those entering the country and hiring of additional border agents were not appropriated as recommended by the President. This legislation gives a discerning indication of the unethical contrived concerns and/or the inability to rise above extortion in order to gain the bill's passage.  Unfortunately, millions were approved for the continued funding of Planned Parenthood. It is immoral for an organization that allows the approval of ending life for profit - through the tax dollars of law abiding hard working Americans. It is unconscionable this situation continues to exist. While a good portion of the funds will assist the military, I do agree this is a mandatory acknowledgement that America has indeed neglected its national security responsibilities. The previous government administration imposed its incoherent and inept ideologies by its approach in advancing the deterioration of America's defense capabilities. This Omnibus Bill will help restore the recognition that we must be protected in a world full of enemies. While we do not know the exact reasons the President decided to sign this Bill, we must come to the logical and sane conclusion there are undisclosed and sensitive information that may pertain to national security. If this is the main rationale for the Bill's signing, the choice is obvious.

Thanks again for your continued support.

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