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May 31st, 2013 3:00 PM

Dear Friends,

I sat up in my chair gasping for air, as another day in the big city takes its toll on those working feverishly to pay financial obligations. While the entire world for many is unraveling, I am truly grateful that I have a roof over my head and the income capacity to pay obligations to those institutions and individuals that keep my life from progressing at a snails pace!

I would tend to believe that many Americans, myself included, are living in a society where we have discovered an aberration of inept and abusive concepts of communication, that continues to bewilder one's ability to reason independently. In today's America, the orthodoxy of living by sane and benevolent concepts has become the exception. Scandal, corruption and dishonesty amongst our leaders with the acclimation of such behavior through the auspices of the establishment media, is now considered the mainstream prescription for enlightenment. This 'trickle down' approach of debasement and its effects on the population are well demonstrated by the pain and suffering of those unable to find employment, the inability to feed or clothe one's family or the loss of one's home. The scourge of the growing homeless population and the emotional scars of depression are the byproducts of policies never known to work. With the recent additions of scandals in Washington, the trust in our institutions has deteriorated. This entire scenario need not have occurred. If you are an intelligent and discerning individual, you know full well the long and winding path that has led us to this destination.

Manifestations of Disorder

It is not a requirement to have taken PSYCHOLOGY 101 at a major university to comprehend the curse of dysfunctional personalities. One can trace the evolution of one's temperament by the torment of a parent or the environment during childhood. The realization these excesses from the past mold current adult behavior, is only logical. Unfortunately, the tragic experiences of youngsters during their formative years develops hidden fears and desires which lead to a diagnosis of narcissism and a predisposition towards sociopathic entanglements as adults. Certainly our government is not an insane asylum, but I wonder outloud how is it possible our society no longer respects the rule of law and the moral basis for which this nation was founded.

While most of us have come across individuals with this affliction, one can easily be enamored with the bountiful compliments, the delightful charm and a perception of intelligence that surrounds and captivates the naive or unsuspecting victim. The ultimate web of deception is the delight of those that practice its tenets. This behavior, while harmless in attempts for acceptance in its beginning stages of introduction, does the most harm, as one eventually realizes the dangerous elements for its motivation. Its cunning manipulation of control and power at all costs is the objective. I can name at least a dozen public office holders that have this propensity for survival. Perhaps you might know a few.

A Live Wire

Of my own experience, as a former branch manager at a medium sized bank, I was in conflict with a loan agent that had these ailments. He had all the requirements of a sociopath as he habitually misled and lied to me on numerous occasions in regards to the veracity of the loan applications he originated. I no longer had confidence in him and he was terminated after a brief investigation. To my chagrin, upper management rehired him weeks later due to his enviable wit, the impressive loan production he was able to amass and a convincing performance to keep his job, worthy of an Oscar nomination! Under the circumstances, it was in my best interest to leave this bank for another opportunity, which by sheer coincidence presented itself within days of this agent's rehire.

I can recall to this day the daily complaints of borrowers literally screaming at the top of their lungs! This rogue loan agent had a knack of misrepresentation. He promised mortgage rates much lower than offered by the bank, advised his clients with nonexistent loan approvals and helped perpetuate the loss of earnest money deposits on purchase transactions due to his fraudulent advice. I had borrowers literally 'camping out' outside of my office for days demanding compensation for the loss of their funds or begging me to resolve their problem. Notwithstanding, a few years later, this bank filed for bankruptcy.

It stands to reason the same theatrics employed by this loan agent over 25 years ago is being utilized on a grand scale by malcontents in government with accomplices in the media today. America has been sold a bill of goods and the consequences are at our doorstep. There are many Americans that are unwilling or unable to discern the obvious. If at all possible, it's best to rid ourselves from such persons and their delusions from our personal space. By doing so, we can escape the drudgery of exhausting and imaginary embellishments where they are compelled to believe their overall importance is the rationale for our existence. 


To escape the personalities of those harboring this disorder or to search for contentment from the stressful demands of personal or business responsibilities, I seek solitude, tranquility and peace. I do my best by exploring the world of the SRT or Stress Reduction Therapy!

There are many things one can do to end thoughts of melancholy within one's surroundings. Above all, prayer and reading Scripture has always given me solace, direction and comfort. Listening to classical music, Gregorian chants or even opera has sustained my desire for comfort and relaxation. Reading a novel whether it be a mystery or the adventures of a famous person also provides an outlet for escape. Just the other day I took a bath, which for a 260 pound frame like mine was an Olympic event! There are times I've stopped everything that I was doing, jumped in the car and drove to Malibu just to be at the beach and view the sunset. I'm also scheduled to attend a weekend silent treat in a few weeks for introspection, so that I can reflect on my station in life and seek the wisdom necessary for personal fulfillment. If you are so lucky, the ability to be yourself among family and friends that love you as you are, is truly gratifying.

During this Summer and beyond, let's see what we can do to energize our deep love for this country by voicing our concerns in a manner worthy of the Founding Fathers. We must always be grateful for the sacrifices of those that have lost their lives for our freedom. With the disparaging voices of contempt challenging the Bill of Rights espoused in the Constitution, one wonders if the loss of one's life for liberty was a death in vain. Perhaps destiny has determined the time to take this country back, has finally arrived.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on May 31st, 2013 3:00 PMPost a Comment

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