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September 12th, 2013 7:26 PM

Dear Friends,

Decisions knowingly made with dishonest intentions to hide the truth or made in haste, have a way of coming back to haunt those directly involved. The main ingredient that you will find in most scandals revolves around money. When you follow the money, you'll end up discovering facts, details and motivations of the main actors. There are those in our society unable to live a virtuous life, due to the powerful temptation in which greed manifests itself as an emotional pull that offers a high rush towards deception. This 'rush' is an activity which continues to exploit those in powerful positions as a medication, dangerous as alcohol or prescription drugs.

I tend not to generalize but in America's illustrious political history, politicians have been known to manipulate and utilize the genuine emotions of the electorate, in order to satisfy the rush of their sociopathic and narcissistic behaviors. The only conclusion an intelligent and logical citizen can ascertain from all of this, is to be wary of anyone that comes across as too charming, too promising and too needy when expressing themselves in any public or private forum. I've learned to be overly skeptical and bordering on cynical once I review documentation or information that provides facts contrary to speeches or outcomes uttered by legislators or individuals I've encountered in daily life. This outlook on life is a sad exercise as one can be jaded in believing that everyone is out to do you harm. Unfortunately for many Americans, I can appreciate the complexities of disappointment and discouragement when those entrusted to represent the people's interests are crooks, liars and thieves.

We also know there are those that feed the compulsion of those on the take by the massive amounts of contributions to a political cause or to seek higher office. Nonetheless, this template can easily become a motion picture script or a chapter in a novel where the outcome rarely inspires. While this scenario is a recurring basis for the ailments of a society in decline, one must have the strength of character to overcome the challenges of events that are becoming commonplace. Characters seeking public office in New York comes to mind, as an example where inappropriate prurient motivations of a former governor and congressman has affected the civility and the integrity of an electoral system. The lack of discernment of those seeking office in this example is the basis of a disorder rarely known to affect the candidate on a personal level. Only those subjected to the shock and dismay of disclosures of scandal does the disorder truly manifests itself.

The lack of integrity of those in public office or in powerful positions accentuates the negative, in a society where optimism is forced as a response to the decline of respect and decency. The most harm occurs when one perceives there is no recourse available to blunt the ongoing menace of those associated with personalities of this type.

This post is devoted ostensibly for those law abiding and hard working Americans that have lost hope in their futures and the fear of a society unraveling before their very eyes. When redress of grievances does not provide an honorable solution or the general atmosphere of a nation is one of melancholy and despair, one must begin the process to end the circumstances of its decline. It is never too early to prepare and organize the masses to save a nation's most cherished freedoms. Come November of next year, the time to 'clean house' is the basic response of a growing majority of discerning, independent Americans that have had enough. The two party system is inoperative. Independent voices, free of corruption, have earned the higher calling to save this country. When domestic and foreign policies are universally viewed as inappropriate, a once respected republic is viewed with derision. Prayer is the only remedy that has the substance of spirit to end the spiral. The time to reinvigorate the wisdom of the Founding Fathers has finally arrived.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on September 12th, 2013 7:26 PMPost a Comment

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