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October 9th, 2016 11:03 AM

Dear Friends,
Just the other day, I had the urge to revisit a secluded environment where I could lie down, close my eyes and enter a world where anxiety, conflict and noise could never enter my presence.. Finding a locale that resembles these desires has become a guarded secret of sorts, living in an urban area. When I enter this solemn location away from the madness, my spirits are revitalized and the forces of survival are energized once again.
I mention these thoughts, not out of exasperation nor despondency but to gradually revitalize my world where the loss of empathy and genuine communication has been greatly depleted through intermittent challenges over the years.
I enjoy solitude and the 'sound of silence' as a prescription to end any associations where stress is the main element. This situation incorporates an atmosphere in a community where I've been destined to live, as a source for humility which offers an education in overcoming difficult circumstances.
I celebrated my birthday last Friday and in so doing, I explored several locales that have provided peace and tranquility for over 35 years, here in California. While true to pragmatic principles, this wonderful day was a splendid one indeed!
While prayer opened up the heavenly reminders of my purpose in this life, I had to take notice of the continuing drama of corruption that has infiltrated the Presidential Campaign when I began reviewing my emails later that evening.
As mentioned in a previous post, the 2016 General Election is considered by many informed and discerning Americans, as the most important election ever in modern times. All of our blog posts until the day after the Election will be devoted to this life changing event. Plainly speaking, the life or death of this nation will be known in less than 30 days.
Of the 2 main candidates for the Presidency, both individuals have perplexing personalities.
Through the passage of time, the Democratic candidate is considered untrustworthy, has a psychological affliction to mislead the public as a basis to elevate a degenerative self esteem, and lacks the substance of character to tell the truth about everything. She has engineered and mastered the ability to destroy the Middle East by her actions as Secretary of State, and will continue the inept policies of the current government. Everything that has been devised by this administration, has resulted in the destruction of freedom by its contempt for the Constitution. Her destructive appeal for 'open borders' will energize socialist themed aspirations to transform this nation into a despotic society, where government control of our very lives will be the only method to end one's personal sovereignty and the curtailment of civil liberties. Religious freedom, the right to bear arms and freedom of speech will begin its descent almost overnight once the Supreme Court is manipulated by her judicial appointments. Concurrently, the invasion of individuals to the US from locations that have no appreciation for Judeo-Christian values and its virtues, will create a civilization of chronic pain, suffering and abuse. There's much more to mention in regards to the lives lost at the Libyan embassy in Benghazi due to inaction on September 11th, 2012. Notwithstanding, the ability to compartmentalize the repugnant abuse of women by her husband, and to ridicule or ignore their pleas for help and understanding, offers a glimpse of an illness that is associated with elements of sociopathy. There is also the Foundation that began its work of philanthropy by accepting donations for speeches tailored to Wall Street interests. By charging exorbitant amounts for these presentations, the Foundation's main goal was to amass a personal fortune to enrich the lifestyles of its founders. It has been reported that only 5% of donations were allocated for charitable works. Along with this arrangement, it has been discovered there was a 'pay for play' understanding in which the Secretary of State during her tenure, would steer clandestine associations to garner favorable government actions.
A deceptive and dangerous pattern emerges when these scandals offer a blueprint of its continuation in the foreseeable future.

The Republican candidate has again been tormented by a vapid discussion of women in a private conversation taped 11 years ago and released to the public last Friday. The graphic verbiage demeans women and his comments are similar in content to remarks that can be associated by an adolescent or testosterone induced sports figures lamenting their inability to score a 'touchdown'. Such locker room banter disrespects and demeans women of their roles as mothers, the compassion given to children and the love for members of an entire family. He has apologized for his shortcomings as I would surmise he is not the same individual today as he was 11 years ago. For some, a Presidential campaign offers personal growth to become a better person, as the candidate is confronted by heartfelt personal stories of triumph and defeat by Americans of all persuasions. To ascertain the path that overcomes the painful realities of life without preconceived notions, is the responsibility of anyone seeking the support to represent Americas true interests. Granted, we are subject to formidable challenges and the Republican candidate must come to the final conclusion that his behavior, demeanor and delivery, must never disrespect the human condition. I am aware that he is the only force available to save this country from perdition. A good number of his policies will restore this nation and undue the harm that has been inflicted by design and incompetence, during the past 7 1/2 years by the current 'establishment'.

From A Distance
From a distance I see the rise of terrorism and violence in this country. I see a rise of problems in race relations and the continual path towards poverty, homelessness and financial ruin. I see the rise of intolerance where our freedoms will no longer be enforced. I see a complete decline in our ability to defend ourselves from tyrannical forces as a consequence by the dismantling of the military. Due to the lack of integrity and journalistic principles of the main street media, discerning Americans must continually dig for the truth on every issue that has the capacity to end our governance by a democratic republic. While the Republican candidate did more harm to himself by his actions years ago, Americans must appreciate the power we have to end all facets of corruption that is alive in government and its supporters.
I viewed the Vice Presidential debate last week and I witnessed the Democratic candidate's disturbing, incredulous performance. While the Republican candidate offered a refreshingly adroit and contemplative voice, his responses reassured Americans there is an individual that will provide the Republican presidential candidate the advice and counsel he needs. To have chosen the Indiana Governor as a running mate, was truly a wise and adept decision.
The second debate is tonight.
For those of us that see the world from a distance and love this country, our prayers will be heard by the Almighty Grace and Mercy of God. We will know if the answers to our prayers will be answered on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

For your consideration

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 9th, 2016 11:03 AMPost a Comment

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