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January 31st, 2014 10:08 AM

Dear Friends,

The time has arrived for many Americans that truly love this country to fight for the most noble of causes, in preserving freedom for our countrymen and for future generations. This great undertaking has begun by the circumstances in which we find ourselves, not knowing if our struggles or the challenges that have swept this nation, will continue to unravel our democratic principles or our way of life. When government ceases to represent the interests of its people, a moral imperative to end such torment has become its own lightning rod. When life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are no longer the goals espoused by those we've entrusted to protect us from harm, the plight of its citizens are no longer viewed with respect.
As they say, 'the train has left the station'
 and the likelihood of battling the powerful forces of government and surrogates in the media and business, is a daunting task. However, one must be reminded of the extraordinary capabilities of true Americans that have risen to overcome abuses in times past.
As mentioned in a previous TeamBlog, I have decided to rise to the occasion and write a manuscript in which the voting patterns of all members of Congress up for re-election in 2014 will be scrutinized. Up to 12 votes on various issues will be explored.

Demerits will be allocated for votes that have or have had consequences in curtailing our freedoms. Whether it be the Affordable Care Act, the debate on immigration or the lifting of the debt ceiling among other concerns, one must force these Congressional members to be held accountable to their constituents for their actions. The disdain Americans have for all 3 branches of government is noteworthy, as trust and respect is no longer freely given, due to the arrogant vices of an all powerful embedded establishment.
The demerits will also include a members' years in office. For a Senator, no more than 2 terms and for Congress, no more than 6 terms. All told, if Congressional members are in office for over 12 years, I would view this as a problem and will grade their time in office accordingly. I am for term limits, as many of these politicians are glued to their offices for 20, 30 or 40 years when the overwhelming number are corrupt and live 'high on the hog' not representing the interests of their communities but by accumulating wealth through questionable alliances. To become a 'career politician', was never the original intent of citizens eager to serve their country. At one time in this nation's history, to serve as a Senator or a Congressman was widely viewed as a patriotic and sincere sacrifice to lend a voice to one's concerns. This early approach is the genuine and pure method for new voices to be heard, to help solve the challenges facing this nation.
Adding up the points, if a member receives 60% to 65% in demerits, I would recommend a primary run off. Over 65% I would strongly suggest this particular member should be defeated, in the upcoming 2014 November elections.


For many years I was an active member of the Democratic Party. I became an Independent in 2006 as the pendulum swung too far to the left, as my personal convictions were excoriated. I've become more conservative now that I'm older, ending stubborn habits of thought that limited my ability to reason effectively. I would say for one to be open minded is a natural progression, which leads to a positive fulfillment of one's capacity for wisdom and the grace to embrace the value of discernment. I will always remember the conversations I had with my father, as he recounted the tyranny he suffered under Franco and Castro. His love for America was truly genuine, as he demonstrated his gratefulness by exclusively purchasing products manufactured in the US. In later discussions I had with him, he felt a kinship with the high ideals of the original Framers for their eloquence and sacrifice. We are reminded once again, that America, without question, is the land of opportunity.

My ability to review over 435 Congressional races and 36 in the Senate, will be a formidable project that will be time consuming during the coming months. Nevertheless, I've decided to spend the hours necessary, to review the voting records of all Congressional members up for re-election in November. God willing, the guide to 'Saving America' will be published and in stores, this Summer.
The entire electorate will once again be reminded of the responsibilities and the awesome power of the ballot box in changing the direction of this country. It is apparent there are powerful interests unwilling to view or comprehend the passages in the Constitution that proclaim our lives, do indeed, have value. All citizens must heed the calling of a previous generation when President John F. Kennedy recited these words at his Inauguration on January 20th, 1961, 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.'

After so many years complaining about the injustices we all face, the time to fill the void has made its mark. This year is when true Americans decide that 'enough is enough' and 'throw the bums out' is the refrain to be heard around the world!' The enduring patience of thoughtful, law abiding Americans has run out. In a few short months, I am convinced common sense and the will of the people, will be restored to its full glory, by the grace of the Almighty God.
May God continue to bless America.
Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 31st, 2014 10:08 AMPost a Comment

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