December 23rd, 2009 11:30 PM

Dear Friends,

As is the custom during the Holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years, Americans celebrate the time honored tradition of giving thanks to the Lord, for the many blessings He has bestowed on all of us and the desires of our hearts for the upcoming year. The celebrations during this period is indeed a genuine and sincere outpouring of love and compassion. Even though there are many in our diverse population that suffer from illness and the persecutions brought about by homelessness or unemployment, we as a nation seek and hope for a basic camaraderie or understanding which transcends the challenges of daily events.

If you were to sit back and contemplate all that has transpired in your life or those of others this past year, certainly you may have recognized the role of Providence. There is a time and place in any society where lessons of humility or the appreciation of a nation's vast accumulation of wealth, not just in material worth, but in the character of its citizens, is duly recognized. America's resources and the lives we live today, are direct results of past sacrifices by countrymen focused on a nation's preservation of democratic principles.    

Unfortunately, during this time in America's history, many are bewildered by the provocation of instability which has originated from institutions once regarded as either trustworthy or independent of pressures which has diluted its respectability and integrity. Powerful forces represented by government, business and the media are in collaboration to exercise its will or dominance over the destiny of all Americans. The pure notion of liberty and freedom is no longer a requisite for meaningful dialogue and has become discredited and circumspect in the eyes of those eager to promote their aims. The insistence of those in power to govern on a basis where blatant corruption, greed and incompetence is the ideal mechanism for control - this method has become the approach to disorient Americans of its incongruous benevolence.

It seems as though every day Americans are dismayed and shocked by revelations of scandal, where greed, bribes and corruption of those in government has become sport. During the past several weeks, the Health Care debate in the halls of Congress has become a theater in the round, in which the main actors have lost their sense of direction by their disdain of integrity by accepting millions of dollars for agreements as a price for voting in the affirmative. The last holdouts in this farce have renounced their responsibilities and conscience by allowing a travesty in legislation to emerge. The day and at the appointed hour when the final bill is finally reconciled by both Houses of Congress, the truest Americans in this chamber will be revealed. For those members voting in the affirmative, the winds of history recognizes the time of November 2010, where malevolence will secure its ultimate wrath.

Foreclosure Recommendations

I have been working overtime in my attempts to end the plight of several clients facing foreclosure or a sale date on their homes. The stress and pressure of negotiating with lenders during the Holidays to end such actions or postpone the timing of such evictions, has become an exercise in futility. The countless phone calls by our office in efforts to end the impasse and the lethargic response in solving the problem by these financial institutions, has created a distinct hatred of the banking industry by many Americans. While taxpayers 'bailed out' Wall Street and the big banks from bankruptcy, the time has come to end the madness. The absence of character is the predominant trademark of these institutions. Negotiating in good faith is just one of several ways in which the banks can restore some of its reputation. In this regard and by forcing cooperation, there should be federal legislation forbidding foreclosures two weeks before Thanksgiving and two weeks after New Years Day. From November 12th through January 15th there will be no attempts by banking institutions to evict homeowners from their properties during the Holidays. It is painful to see homeowners out on the street on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years! Where is the decency? 

Mortgage Rates

Interest rates have 'skyrocketed' during the past few weeks as the economy shows signs of reemergence. Even though the recovery will take time for Americans to notice in several areas of the country, there is a perception that incremental steps of stability are slowly and patiently becoming a reality. I'm no clairvoyant but I am of the opinion there is an effort by those in government to throw everything, even the kitchen sink to end the torment of an economy in turmoil! When good financial news is on the horizon, the bond market takes notice and mortgage rates rise in response. The scourge of inflation is always a factor when circumstances change for the better. Please check our most current rates as this might be the most opportune time to refinance or purchase.

1oth Annual Team Tot Toy Drive

MoneyTeam wants to thank everyone that donated a toy for disadvantaged children in the Los Angeles area. We are truly grateful for your participation. The smiles you've given to these youngsters this Christmas are overwhelming! 

Newest Underwriting Guidelines

We are attending 'webinars' in order to shore up our understanding of the newest guidelines in lending. We are also reviewing the latest forms, specifically the GFE or the Good Faith Estimate. The focus on these guidelines will be reported on an upcoming TeamBlog.

Holiday Office Hours

MoneyTeam will be closed on Thursday, the 24th and Friday the 25th for Christmas. We will reopen at 10:00AM on Monday, December 28th. We do wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

Thanks Again


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