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November 21st, 2010 5:52 PM

Dear Friends,

The Mid Term Elections were held 3 weeks ago. America's voice was heard loud and clear. An overwhelming number of citizens decided it would be best to change course, as the policies promulgated by those in power have created much more harm and division than one could have ever imagined. By all accounts, this was a historical election where over 60 congressional seats were lost in the House of Representatives by the majority and a plurality of gubernatorial and state legislatures changed hands. While this may be considered a 'wave' election, the intuiton and the discernment of those who voted to rid the excesses of arrogance and incompetence amongst those entrusted with our futures, this election was indeed considered a success. While this is the first victory in upcoming battles to direct this country towards fundamental principles espoused in the Constitution, one can see torment on the horizon. With chronic high unemployment, continued foreclosures, scam loan modifications by banks and financial institutions, the rise in personal and business bankruptcies, the spiraling cost of health care by design - these are the results of the policies of a morose and disturbing mantra of a small but powerful elite. Their efforts to destroy the soul and the destinies of Americans by their insistence in fostering flawed concepts of governance, where socialism becomes the beneficiary for its failures. This master plan has been given life by those in government, business and the media. Their plan has come to an abrupt end, as the will of the people in many parts of this country have voted their futures to end the encroachment of their liberties.

The most current horrendous example of government intervention and/or political correctness run amok is displayed for all to witness at our airports. The denigration of one's dignity is evident by the enforcement of policies by brain dead administrators and employees of the TSA. Their repugnant approach in maintaining security by disrobing children, groping handicapped adults and the elderly, is a direct consequence of inept and disturbed personalities from the highest echelons of government bureaucracy. While this method for the apprehension of terrorists is controversial, common sense is not utilized as there are other solutions one can devise to capture those seeking to harm the general public. Frequent flyers or others designated as safe passengers can be given temporary or permanent identification which will allow quick passage to one's destination. Other screening methods can be implemented which will keep the integrity of TSA operations. No wonder the restoration of our basic freedoms by the vote of so many concerned and serious Americans earlier this month, has truly begun in earnest. 

Mortgage Rates

Interest rates have started their ascension once again. We recommend that you call our office if you need guidance in regards to submitting your refinance or purchase loan application. Please check our most current rates. Rates are subject to change daily and will be updated on Tuesday, November 23rd. Our office number is 323-936-3232. Thank You.

Team Tot Toy Drive

Our 11th Annual Team Tot Toy Drive begins Tuesday, November 30th. Please call our office at 323-936-3232 at any time until Monday, December 20th. We will pick up any new unwrapped toy and will deliver them to disadvantaged and hospitalized children in the Los Angeles area. Please call. Your gift will truly be appreciated and will put a big smile on a youngster's face. Thank You. 

Thanks Again 

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